What do Italians buy?

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they only buy butter... and only on the weekends.
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What is 'to buy' when translated from English to Italian?

Acquistare and comprare are Italian equivalents of the English phrase "to buy." The first-mentioned example is common as an equivalent of "to buy" in the sense of "to acqui

What is the Italian translation of 'Where do I buy a beverage'?

Dove compro una bevanda? is an Italian equivalent of the English phrase "Where do I buy a beverage?" Specifically, the adverb dove means "where." The verb compro means

Is Bui an Italian last name?

Yes, Bui is an Italian last name. Specifically, the name derives from the masculine adjective buio . The adjective includes among its meanings "dark, obscure." The tran

What is the English translation of the Italian 'I secoli bui'?

" The Dark Ages " is an English equivalent of the Italian phrase I secoli bui . Specifically, the masculine definite article i means "the." The masculine noun secoli m
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Where can someone buy Italian cars in Canada?

Cars that have been manufactured in Italy can be purchased in Canada from car dealerships such as Fiat Canada. One may need to use the local telephone directory to locate an d