What do Thailand people eat in Thailand?

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Tom Yum Goong - A soup made with tomatoes, mushrooms, prawn, ginger and lemon-grass.
Somtam - A spicy salad made with fish sauce, chilli, crab, prawns and shredded papaya.
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Where is Thailand?

Thailand's location is in southeast Asia with a western border withBurma, (or Myanmar) and a North Eastern border with Laos. Far southin the country, near Phucket, is southern

What to do in Thailand?

You can have something in Thailand. I don't know what to do. Because I am not intrested. If anyone here from Thailand please edit. Update Well, right now economy growth

What do people do in Thailand?

As little as possible. The tourism industry is big but not sophisticated. A lot of people work in the rubber or coconut industries and most people try their best to relax as m

What do people eat in Thailand?

Thai people consume rice dish. Most food variety in Thailand is made to consume with rice or sticky rice. Traditional Thai dish is a form of salad mix or Yum (ยำ), v

What type of food do people in Thailand eat?

Mostly rice, Spicy foods and beans Typical household cookery composed of stir-fried vegetable, cabbage is one of the most common ingredient, sometime morning glory fried wi

What kind of food do Thailand people eat?

The staple ingredient of most Thais dishes is rice, popular meats are pork, chicken and beef. Lots of fruit is consumed, even in spicy salads, popular fruits are mango, papaya