What do centipedes eat?

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Centipedes are active hunters, and they look around for smaller insects or spiders to eat. Rarely, a centipede will attack a larger prey. Where there is no prey, they will consume certain types of plants that have some of their necessary proteins.

They eat insects, spiders, and other small invertebrates. If the centipede is large enough it will even attack small vertebrates like lizards.
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What eats centipedes?

I have an old wildlife documentary where there is this little snake,(which the documentary fails to mention by name), attacks, kills and eats a giant centipede. It feeds "almo

How does a centipede eat?

centipedes are carnivores so they eat other insects and small mammals. some have very strong jaws to grab and chew prey and some are even poisonous.

What does centipedes eat?

What centipedes actually eat is not well known because of their cryptic lifestyle and thorough mastication of food.

Do centipedes eat ants?

Centipedes do eat ants. They also eat a variety of other bugsincluding termites, cockroaches, bed bugs, as well as silverfish.

Can frogs eat centipedes?

Except for the fact that it was me who asked this Q...... am going to answer it. Some frogs do eat Centipedes but that is mostly very LARGE frogs.

What does centipede eat?

It is not known what Centipedes eat specifically. They have been observered eating, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and small mammals. The Amazonian Centipede has been known to e

What does a centipede look like What does a centipede eat How big can a centipede be?

Centipede are MULTI-LEGED INSECT but considered like 15-20 legs and has a tail at the end and a head at the other end and its able to bend it body. Their bite extra CAUTIOUS!

What a centipede eats?

A centipede will eat anything they can get a hold of. Ive read a case where a pet giant centipede was fed raw and cooked chicken. They have Virtualy perfect immune systems.
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What type of food does a centipede eat?

Centipedes are carnivorous. Their diet varies a bit depending on the species. Generally, they prey on smaller insects such as small worms, moth larvae, small slugs, spiders...