What do men get out of cheating on their lovers?

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  • It's definitely an ego boost. My current partner was a terrible sleeze in the beginning when we first started dating. Flirted with girls and never owned up to it. I hired a P.I. and he was so nervous when I confessed I had him followed. It's only now 3 years later that he has started to grow up (38 years of age). I left him 4 times and silly me gave him the benefit of the doubt every time as I always try to see the best in everyone. Unfortunately now I hold less repsect for him because of how he has made me feel and the insecurity that has plagued me due to his flirting and lack of respect he has shown me. I don't feel I have deserved it and not blowing my own horn but I think I am a relatively attractive woman and a mother of two. I don't understand what makes men think they can do this. When I would question him he would say "I cant help if they look at me and give me the attention". I would tell him he was weak if he felt he had to blame it on the female. He thought it was a great ego boost but would never admit it and them blame the girl. A real man wouldn't treat a woman like that. Are there any real men around that treat women with repect anymore? I have a bad taste in my mouth now and don't think I could trust anyone...... A question that both genders have pondered since the begining of time. And the answer is...who knows? Maybe it's just an ego booster. A sign of insecurity, maybe? Maybe they are just jerks. Maybe, maybe, maybe... If you ever find the one and only answer, please share it with me. I have a feeling it will be as elusive as the Holy Grail. Which might be how some men see their quest (lust?) for another also. usually they are insecure and this makes them feel better about themselves, also something to ponder is...it really as small as she says it is..most men who cheat have major insecurites and look at woman as a form of supply not as a real human with equality... it's purely ego... a man is a man if he can carry more than one woman on his shoulder. . Thrills. Sense of superiority. Living up to their "macho" ideal. Keeping their options open. Debasing two women or more who are in competition with one another and in a one-down position in relation to the King of Kings. Control. Distancing. Never having to stand or fall by their merits as honest, open, vulnerable and genuine individuals -- so I'd guess that it's an ego saving strategy for the spineless. It's important to remember that not all men are cheaters. I've been married for a decade and my wife has cheated on me and I've never cheated on her. Honestly between the two of us, I'm much more healthy, clean cut, good looking person. I'm 6'4" 200 lbs and I get hit on a lot. I've never strayed even when she cheated on me, I never once looked the other way. the point I'm getting at is find a man who will honor and love you. If you're a good person chances are you'll find what you are looking for. Don't waste time on someone who doesn't value you and your feelings.
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