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What do pap smears test for?

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Pap smears check to see if you need further testing to detect cancer of the cervix or precancerous changes on the cervix.
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A pap test a a medical procedure that test the cells of the cervix for cancer and other abnormalities.
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What does it mean if abnormal cells were found after a pap smear test?

     It does not mean you have cancer. It may mean you have an infection, or you may have changed cells which could become cancer one day.    You should have

Do pap smears test for HIV?

  no they do not, they only test for cervical cancer No. Most HIV methods of testing are through blood tests. An HIV test doesn't actual determine if you are carrying HIV,

What is pap smear?

A pap smear is a medical exam. The doctor uses a device to open the vagina, then takes a scraping of cervical cells. It is a little uncomfortable when the scraping is done. Th

Does it hurt having a pap smear test if its your first time?

I will be completely honest with you, it depends upon the doctor. I have had one doctor who did it to where it was "barely" uncomfortable at all and another doctor that I flin

How do you prepare for pap smear test?

    You should wear clothes that are easy to take off. Like a skirt with sandals or jeans and flip flops. The nurse will give you a hospital-like gown to put on. You w

Do you need a pap smear test after a miscarriage?

If you have never had a pap smear before or if it is close to the time you are due for your annual exam, most doctors get the pap smear while you are in the office and being e

Can hbv be tested in a pap smear?

No, a pap smear tests for abnormalities of the cervix or cervical dysplasia. To test for HBV you will need a blood test. JM

What type of diseases does a pap smear test for?

can detect cervical cancer, precancerous changes, inflammation (vaginitis), infections, and some sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). The Pap test can occasionally detect end

How do you get Pap smear?

You make an appointment with either your family physician or a gynecologist (OB-GYN), who takes a small sample from the vagina for testing. After the sample is tested in labor
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What is the difference between the pap smear and the HPV test?

A pap smear looks for signs of cervical cancer or precancerous problems on the cervix. It's meant to show which patients need further screening for these conditions. An HPV te