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What do proteins turn into when they are digested?

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Proteins essentially break apart when digested to form different proteins and features in the cell
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How are proteins digested?

Protein digestion (by enzymes called proteases) begins in the stomach, where pepsin breaks down some proteins into polypeptides. The undigested proteins that enter the small i

How do you digest proteins?

Protein that digest in the digestive system occurs first in the  stomach and then the small intestine. The enzymes that are secreted  by the pancreas will help with the dige

Digestion of proteins?

Pepsin digest protein in the acidic environment of the stomach, Pancreatic Protease digests protein in the basic environment of the small intestine.

What are proteins digested by?

proteins are digested by enzymes, called proteasees.Trypsin, pepsin are stomach enzymes that digest proteins into peptides. They further degraded by peptidases to form amino a