What do proteins turn into when they are digested?

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When completely digested they become amino acids.

How do you digest proteins?

Protein that digest in the digestive system occurs first in thestomach and then the small intestine. The enzymes that are secretedby the pancreas will help with the digestion

Digestion of proteins?

Pepsin digest protein in the acidic environment of the stomach, Pancreatic Protease digests protein in the basic environment of the small intestine.

How do you digest protein?

Proteases are a group of the digestive enzymes whose function is to break down protein. Protein digestion begins in your stomach, primarily with the action of the hydrochloric

What digests proteins?

well with out protein you will be as week as a cat but not only protein makes you strong, you need carbohydrates to make your protein work. You might be thinking specificall

What are proteins digested by?

proteins are digested by enzymes, called proteasees.Trypsin, pepsin are stomach enzymes that digest proteins into peptides. They further degraded by peptidases to form amino a

What do proteins digest?

Proteins that carry out enzymatic activity are known as enzymes. Enzymes can catalyze the conversion of substrate into the product. In digestion hydrolytic enzymes such as pro