What do snails eat?

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There are two very basic kinds of snails. Some snails live on land and the second basic category of snail lives in water. Land
Snails like damp spots, especially in the garden. These snails eat decaying vegetation, fungi, lichen, plant leaves, damp paper and cardboard. Becuase these snails live in the garden and feed on garden plants, people often consider them a pest.
Snails also live in a water. People can use them in an aquarium and they live in the wild. These snails eat algea. In addition, they eat aquatic plants. In an aquarium, snails eat excess fish food also. There are also many different kinds of predatory snails that live in the ocean. These snails hunt and eat fish and various types fish and invertibrates.
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What snails eat?

snails love to eat lots of leaves but their favorite is oat meal (which is porridge dry with no milk)

How do snails eat?

There's many different kinds of snails, All eat different things. The cone snails eats anything from fish, muscles, even other snails with a harpoon it shoots out. Other snails eat with a radula, which they scrap against a rock to get algae off. Some snail's radula evolved into a shredder t (MORE)

What eats snails?

Hedgehogs, ducks, robins, foxes, birds french people French people are a little more choosy about the type of snails they eat though!!

What does snails eat?

Different types of snails eat different things. Many snails eat algae or plant material. However there are a great number of predatory snails that eat fish, insects, and other animals. Most land snails eat plants, but snails that live in the ocean have a wide variety of diets.

Do snails eat herbs?

Snails will eat most any plant matter presented to them, though one would only know if they eat all 'herbs' by trial and error.

What do snail eat?

The land snail eats fruits, vegetables and they need water every week or so. The main thing they love to eat is "Spinach" a garden vegetable.

Do snails eat snails?

what if a snail ate another snail baby then spit it back out 5 min later is it still alive

How does a snail eat?

The snail's mouth is on the bottom of the head right up by the short tentacles. Inside the mouth is a specialized eating tool, the radula. The radula is a muscular structure covered by thousands of tiny, sharp teeth. The snail eats by pressing the radula against a leaf or other desirable bit of vege (MORE)

Can a snail eat a snail?

There are some species of carnivorous snails that feed on other snails. The Rosy Wolfsnail (Euglandia Rosea) is a native of Florida that was introduced into Hawaii to control the Giant African Landsnail that had become a pest there. New Zealand has a number of carnivorous snail species of the ge (MORE)

Do snails eat cheese?

Yes they eat Swiss cheese and it does not appear to give them any digestion problems.

Can you eat snails?

Yes people do eat them but some are very deadly to the humen brain & stomach ( french people eat many of them )

What eats a moon snail?

There are many animals that will eat a moon snail. These mayinclude fish, birds, crabs and even people that consider to be adelicacy in Europe.

Does starfish eat snails?

I've seen starfish eating a snail. When i was about kindergarten i went to the beach. It was far and my dad had work to do there. We stayed there for a few weeks. Me, my mom and my sis decided to go to the beach and catch snails. My mom found a starfish. The snails that we caught earlier was in a bu (MORE)

What snail eat?

what snails eat ? snails are herbivores that means they will only eat green plants, fruits and veges such as bananas , plums , cherries,lettuces and pares . snails can also eat soggy dog biscuits so if u have a dog and you don't have snail food then feed it some of your dog biscuit it can (MORE)

Do rats eat snails?

i don't know if it's good for them but one of my rats certainly tried his best to get to one, ripped its head off. Yes they do. Minimizing those outside makes area less attractive to them.

Can Humans eat snails?

Yes. Mainly in places like France they are a Delicacy. They are really quite nice with some lemon juice on and fresh cooked.

What does an snail eat?

snails love to snack on lettuce or any other fruit or veggies. the most common ones you would find in your backyard are big fans of nice plump straw berries, especially juicy ones. You can also feed them carrots, black berries or sometimes even plants like flowers, though be careful what you pick fr (MORE)

Do snails eat betta food?

Yes, snails will indeed eat betta fish food and it will not harmthem. Betta food can be purchased at local pet stores.

What does the snail eat?

i have owned 4 African land snails before and they can eat all sorts of fruits and veges such as lettuces ,bananas,plums, pares .pares are like a treat to snails they like it a lot and can be fed it really every day iv also herd they can eat soggy dog biscuits make shore it wet bit like it it brakin (MORE)

What eat snails?

There are birds that eat snails. In fact there is a bird tapeworm which in its complicated life-cycle must first infect a snail then get eaten by a bird.

Where do snails eat?

Types of Snails Snails come in two main varieties. There are aquatic snails and land snails.

How do snail eat?

The snail eats by pressing the radula against a leaf ,rasp it to scrape away small particles. .

Can you eat a snail?

Yes, but not your normal garden snail. A snail dish is call escargot and is a snail that is prepared with garlic and butter. The snails used in these dishes doesn't come from the garden but is fed oatmeal to clean them out and then they are removed from the shell, boiled, and put back into the shell (MORE)

Do snails eat other snails babies?

No, because water snails are hervavore The most land snails are hervavore... Euglandina rosea and Poiretiacornea eating other snails. And the slug Limax Maximus eats otherslug eggs.

How do you eat a snail?

you eat the whole thingy whole hole HOlE including the shell NO CHEWING !. ( I HOPE YOU DONT DIE)

How does snail eat?

they have a tong that is covered in teeth and then when they come across something that they eat they simply just drag their tong along it and eat what comes off

What eat snail?

Humans eat snails. It is mostly a French cruisne, where they sprinkle pepper on them and eat them whole.

What do cats eye snail eat?

The Catseye sea snail is a filter feeder that feeds on Microlagae, detritus, and small algae.e.g. Coralline, Neptune's necklace.

What don't garden snails eat?

Well, I think garden snails don't eat a lot of things. On the other hand, garden snails DO eat green vegetables for sure, though I find that they do eat carrots a lot too. They probably won't eat these things (I will only list a few): . gum . cereal . meat of any kind (they're vegetarians) . mi (MORE)

How big are snail eating snakes?

they are called slow worms they dont have venom they are harmless to humans they are 16CM i havent seen won for ages but i know they are harmless

What do garden snail eat?

Garden snails eat a large variety of green vegetables. I find that they enjoy fresh, crunchy lettuce a lot. It is amusing to here their crunching sounds as they devour their fresh, green dinner. I put some carrots in there before, too. They do eat them. When I examined the carrot after, I could see (MORE)

Do cichlid fish eat snails?

some will... you will have to research the specific variety you are looking at and find out if they eat invertebrates. (snails, shrimp, etc etc)

Can a snail eat carboard?

Yes they can I found out I gave a peice once and actually ate it !, and the poo was the same colour aswell. And also I found out on the computer, so yes it is fine to give your pet snail some carboard from time to time !

Why do they eat snail and frog legs?

Frog legs are considered a delicacy and served in many countries, not only France. This is an item you will find in the restaurants which want to appear 'local', especially those in touristic locations. Snails are less-tourist oriented and you can find deep-frozen, ready-to-eat dozens in supermar (MORE)

What do black snails eat?

Black snails normally eat vegetation like live plants that u can put in there that is duck weed and it is long and has leafs i have one and that is what it eats.

Does a fish eat snail?

Some aggressive fish will. For instance, Oscars will consider your snail to be nothing more than escargot! Best to ask someone at the store what kinds of fish belong with each other or with snails or other water animals, and what the animals need, before you buy anything.

What kind of food the snail eat?

I have 8 mystery snails and I was told to feed them roman lettuce. You must always rinse the lettuce before putting in your tank. My snails will also eat flake food and plants.

Can bearded dragons eat snails?

Even though snails are not part of their diet, bearded dragons can eat small snails. However, it is best not to give them wild caught snails from your back yard as this could pose as a threat to them. Zoo meds makes canned snails called 'can o' snails'.

Does snail eat chocolate?

believe it or not but yes they do the crawl over it and basically suck it eventually the water inside the snail turns brown due to the chocolate and the chocolate is either gone or has shrunk

Do snail eat ladybug?

Yes because 3000 people have seen it happen. Watch the video on youtube. well videos off of you-tube aren't very reliable for example I took a photo of an elephant and made it look like a fat giraffe! and no snails are herbivores not omnivores.

Do adult snails eat baby snails?

some snails eat their own kind but most do not. However, several species of snails are known to eat their own eggs, even mother's that just laid those eggs! However, they don't eat their offspring once they are born.

What do snails eat-?

Land snails love to eat just about anything you would put in agarden salad and are mainly herbivorous. Water snails will eatalgae and most plant life that thrive underwater.