What do the colors on the Austrian flag stand for?

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The colours red and white have been associated with Austria for many centuries ... They don't have a specific meaning.
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What do the colors of us flag stand for?

There are three colors, red, white, and blue. Red stands for strength and courage, Blue stands for Perseverance and Justice, and finally, white stands for purity and liberty. Hope this helps!

What do the colors of the Mexican flag stand for?

At the end of the Mexican War of Independence (1810-1821), the Armyof the Three Guarantees (Spanish: Ejercito Trigarante or Ejercito de las Tres Garantias ) was the name given to thearmy after the unification of the Spanish troops led by Agustin deIturbide and the Mexican insurgent troops of Vicen (MORE)

What do the colors in Spain's flag stand for?

According to urban legend the colors of Spain's flag represent a bullfighting arena Red- blood of the arena Yellow- sand of arena The colors in Spain's flag actually don't, technically, representanything. The colors were actually chosen in a 1785 contest amongeleven other designs.

What do the colors on Pakistan's flag stand for?

The dark green and white colors indicate prosperity and peace ( also green is the traditional color of Islam)\nThe crescent symbolizes continuous process.\nThe 5-rayed star means light and wisdom.\nBesides, the crescent and star is the global Islamic mar-such as Turkey's flag.

What Do the Colors of the Canadian Flag Stand for?

The colours don't really stand for anything. They are the official colours of Canada. The colours have a long history of use by both the French and the English so they were picked to represent Canada.

What do the colors on the French flag stand for?

the French flag is the official French pavilion since 1794. It was drawn by Jacques Louis David, famous French painter, but it has its origins in July 1789. Shortly after the fall of the Bastille, the king visited the Paris town hall and was handed a blue and red cocard - the long-time colours of th (MORE)

What does the Maryland flag colors stand for?

George Calvert was the first Lord Baltimore. The Calverts founded Maryland as a British colony. The Black and golf incorporated the colors from the coat of arms from his paternal side, the Calverts. The red and white arms are of the Crosslands, his maternal family..

What do the colors stand for on the Philadelphia flag?

Philadelphia's flag is made up primarily of blue and yellow, whichwere adopted to commemorate Philadelphia's Swedish origins. Swedenoriginally colonized Philadelphia, and the colors of the flag wereadopted in 1874.

What do the colors on the Palestinian flag stand for?

Green is for the land of Palestine, White is for the peace in which the Palestinian people lived before they were made refugees, Red is for their blood spilled trying to liberate their land, and Black is for their life under occupation.. Black is for mourning; Red is for the blood lost (MORE)

What do the colors of Minnesota's flag stand for?

Minnesota Flag Meaning: The seal features a man ploughing a field with a Native American riding a horse in the background. The plough and field represent agriculture. The Native American represents Minnesota's Native American heritage. The tree stump represents the timber industry and the red pine (MORE)

What does Massachusetts flag colors stand for?

Massachusetts' official flag was adopted in 1971 (before 1971, the Massachusetts flag had a design on both sides of the flag; the design on the back was omitted).Massachusetts' flag depicts a Native American carrying a bow and arrow on a blue shield (all on a white background). A white star on the s (MORE)

What do the colors on the Kwanzaa flag stand for?

The color of the African peoples is what black stands for on the Kwanzaa flag. The blood shed by the African ancestors of African-Americans in the United States is what red stands for. The hope for a good future is what green stands for.

What do the colors stand for on the flag of Holland?

The Flag of the Netherlands . The red stripe at the top of the flag which was originally orange, along with the white and blue stripes, are based on the heraldic colours of the coat of arms of Prince Willem of Orange, who led the fight for Dutch independence. On special days relating to Dutch hi (MORE)

What do the colors on the Venezuela flag stand for?

Venezuela's flag is a yellow, blue, and red horizontal tricolor with eight white stars in a semicircle in the center and the coat of arms on the yellow stripe on the hoist side. The Venezuelan independence leader Francisco de Miranda designed the basic tricolor flag in 1806. Seven stars were added i (MORE)

What does the colors of the Iceland flag stand for?

"Hvítan kross í bláum feldi með rauðum krossi innan í hvíta krossinum". The blue is often mis{understood?} and thought to mean oceans or lakes by many. That is in fact wrong, as it represents the color of the mountains {in the distance}, the white represents the glaciers and sno (MORE)

What do the colors stand for on the Eritrean flag?

The blue stands for the Red sea, the blood stand for the blood that was lost in the 30 years war against Ethiopia, the green stands for the vegetation/food, and last the yellow stands for the gold and other minerals that the country has. the shapes of the blue and green are triangles that get bigg (MORE)

What do Irish flag colors stand for?

Green stands for Irish nationaism traditions in Ireland, white stands for peace, and orange stands for William of Orange, who defeated King James 2nd. They put him in the flag in hopes of peace.

What does the Ethiopian flag colors stand for?

The green, yellow, red flag appeared in 1897. It was the flag of Ethiopia that became the basis for the pan-african colours. The pan-african colours are red, green, and gold. Before the end of the Ethiopian Empire the colours were interpreted as: red for power and faith; yellow for church, peace, na (MORE)

What do the colors stand for on Iran's flag?

Red, White, and Green. With the little writing in the middle. The red stands for Blood White stands for the Skies Green stands for the Land The little writing in the middle, means something about God.

What does the France flag colors stand for?

the blue color-stands 4 associated with caring the white color-stands 4 peace & honesty & 4 royalty & nobility the red color-stands 4 symbolic of the legend that the banner was dipped in Saint Denis blood.Hence,red stands 4 valor & strength

What does the colors on Korea flag stand for?

The white background which stands for white field's white color stand for peace and purity. The four Kwae (black things) each has different meanings. SHAPE NAME/ SYMBOL/SEASON ........... 1. The 3 straight one: Keon/ Sky/ Spring/ East/ Humanity/ father/ tree/ justice 2. The middle halved one (MORE)

What do the colors stand for on the Iraq flag?

The Iraq Flag is not yet officially adopted although a new flag was proposed in April 2004. The proposed New Iraq flag is a modified version of that one which introduced on January 14, 1991. The flag of Iraq is consists of three equal horizontal stripes of red which is located at the top, white, (MORE)

What do the colors on Brazil's flag stand for?

Each of the four colors of the national flag has a meaning : green symbolizes our forests, the yellow is gold (representing the national wealth) and white is peace. The blue circle represents the sky of Rio de Janeiro with the constellation of the Southern Cross, at 8:30 November 15, 1889, the date (MORE)

What do the colors of the Guatemala flag stand for?

In the Guatemalan flag's coat of arms, the crossed rifles indicate Guatemala's willingness to defend itself by war if need be; while the olive branches symbolize the preferred peace. The sky blue stripes represent the fact that Guatemala is located between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, and the wh (MORE)

What do the colors on the Nauru flag stand for?

Nauru flag description: blue with a narrow, horizontal, yellow stripe across the center and a large white 12-pointed star below the stripe on the hoist side; blue stands for the Pacific Ocean, the star indicates the country's location in relation to the Equator (the yellow stripe) and the 12 points (MORE)

What each color of flag stands for?

The colours for national flags are chosen by the country concerned. Those colours would represent something to do with that country. They may mean something different if used on a different countries flag.

What do the colors on the canada flag stand for?

They don't stand for anything. According to the government website, there is no meaning behind them. King George V proclaimed Canada's official colours were red and white, so the colours are found on the flag.

What colors does the Austrian flag feature?

The Austrian flag features the colors red and white. It has three stripes, the top and bottom stripe are red and the middle one is white. The white stripe represents peace and honesty. The two red stripes symbolize strength, bravery, valor and hardiness.

What colors of the Irish flag stand for?

Green - The [Gaelic] people of Ireland Orange - Supporters of William of Orange (who settled inNorthern Ireland in the 17th century) White - Peace between these two groups of people