What do the parents of a teenage pregnancy do?

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they help their child out with what they need or maybe some parents are ignorant and make their teenagers have abortions but i feel taht all babies want to live because they didnt ask to be born they help their child out with what they need or maybe some parents are ignorant and make their teenagers have abortions but i feel taht all babies want to live because they didnt ask to be born
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How do you deal with teenage pregnancy?

The best way to deal with teenage pregnancy is to have your baby. God has sent you the baby for a reason. You never know what can happen in the future. Take me for example. I got pregnant at 15. I am now 23 and I am not able to have another baby at the moment. When I really want one. I know that at (MORE)

What is Teenage Pregnancy?

Teen pregnancy can be a serious social issue. By definition it is when a single teenager becomes pregnant. Mere age is not the main challenge, since it was once not uncommon for people to marry in their teens and begin their families. However, in today's society it is very difficult to survive ec (MORE)

Do the lack of parenting skills within our society contribute to teenage pregnancy?

Yes, greatly because of the fact that children get their ideas on how things work in families from their parents and if neglected, they look elsewhere for affection and if treated well, it also shows. I couldnt agree more, i definatly would say yes. Because teenagers can be described as lazy no g (MORE)

Why are parents against teenage pregnancy?

they're against it because they feel to "underaged kids" will be incapable of providing a good healthy environment for a newborn baby. in other words, they don't trust teens with that sort of responsibilty.

Why is teenage pregnancy increasing?

teenage pregnancy is increasing, because parents aren't keeping a good enough eye on their children, half the time parents don't even know where their children are. Also schools aren't introducing sexual education early enough in school years

Is teenage pregnancy bad?

You should never think that bringing a life in to the world is bad. Tough, yes. But even if you give the baby up for adoption, you are giving someone who cannot produce life a chance to be a parent.

Signs of teenage pregnancy?

Well the main sign is if you have had sex and don't get your periods. But really teen precnancy signs are the same as any other pregnancy. But if your a teenager who has had sex and is late with her period, then please, take a pregnancy test. Talk to your best friend and get them to help you. Unl (MORE)

Effect of teenage pregnancy?

Teen pregnancy can be an emotional roller coaster. It can cause serious depression. You may not be able to take the pressure of having a baby and trying to finish school.

How does pregnancy affect the potential of teenage pregnancy?

for a teenager to get pregnant is bad because most of the time the girl is not responsible enough to take care of the child, and was not responsible enough to make that kind of decision in the first place. if she didnt plan it, she shouldn't have spread her legs for him.whether protected or not ther (MORE)

How many teenage pregnancies are there in the UK?

In 2006 in England there was 39, 003 women between 15-17 that were pregnant, excluding miscarriages and illegal abortion. 48% of which had legal abortion (via a hospital/doctor).. Source: Office for National Statics and Teenage Pregnancy Unit. Hope this helps.

What are the effect of teenage pregnancy?

60% of the teen moms drop out of school and many need welfare. The relationship falls apart (more of a rule then exception) and she will have to live with her parents much longer then she normally would. If she, or her parents, afford daycare she can get a job but the jobs available (if any) is not (MORE)

What is teenage parenting?

it is when you are a teenager and you are experiencing having a baby and you have the baby and you have to look after it Teenage parenting is when stupid teenagers have no ecitment in their life and go ahead and have sex then there comes your baby and then you gotta handle high school homework and (MORE)

What is teenage parents?

Teenage parents are teenagers who have a baby. This means that they have had sex and the girl has given birth. Unfortunately, the percentage of teenage parents in America is growing.

How does pregnancy affect the finances of teenage pregnancy?

Finances are affected by the person who is paying for the pregnancy. The teen father of the baby may have to quit school and get a full time job to support the baby. If the teen has no money then it will affect the parents, who may have to take the mother and baby into their home and pay all the exp (MORE)

How can teenage pregnancy affect us teenagers?

Teenage pregnancy affects their lives because they possibly may nit be able to finish high school & the statistics of teenage mothers / parents attending college & finishing it is very unlikely. Not only will it affect their education but also their child's life. Many children who are born to teenag (MORE)

Cause of teenage pregnancy?

Having sex like everyone else is the main reason but there are also deeper reasons. Some feel it makes their relationship more serious having a baby and wants a family, not realizing very few stay together due to the strain of having a baby. Others have not got proper sex education and believe in my (MORE)

How do you solve teenage pregnancy?

The fact is, you can't. Teenage pregnancy wasn't created voluntarily, babies are made daily by teenagers 'having fun', and making the babies they call mistakes. Basically, most babies born to a teenage mother was unplanned, and a complete accident. Teenage pregnancy is always gonna be an issue, but (MORE)

How to prevent teenage pregnancy?

As soon as your child turns 15 u should put them on birth control if u dont want to do it to them that early do it when u think they want to have ***!

How can your baby be affected by teenage pregnancy?

Please see related links. There are many factors of teen pregnancy that can affect the fetus, and factors of teen parenting that can affect the child. Some of these are strictly medical whereas others have more to do with the stress caused by things a teen parent has to deal with. Stress is the m (MORE)

What are the psychosocial effects of teenage pregnancy?

It can be difficult to untangle the psychosocial causes of teen pregnancy from its effects, because many of them are related and cyclical. For instance, those in lower socioeconomic populations tend to be less concerned about whether they get pregnant as teens--and when they do, they tend to be trap (MORE)

Good things about teenage pregnancy?

Well, this is more of "On the bright side," but mainly because you learn to be incredibly responsible at a younger age than others, which may help you in college or future careers.

Is it easier to be a teenager or to be the parent of a teenager?

i would say it would be easier to be the parent of a teenager, because some parents would just leave their kids to do what they want, and have brought them up to be responsible enough to know what is right and what is wrong. teenager because if ur a parent it would be sad 2 leave your kid,:(

How does society view teenage pregnancy?

The society today think it's bad to be a teenager and be pregnant. They think that having kids should be for when you are an adult and when you are responsible enough and stable enough to raise a child.

What is the rate of teenage pregnancy?

The rate for girls aged 15 to 17 in 2010 - the most recent period for which figures are available - was 35.5 per 1,000 - the lowest since 1969.. The number of pregnancies in under 18s fell almost 10 per cent between 2009 and 2010, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS).. From the mi (MORE)

How does teenage pregnancy affect her education?

Teen pregnancy can affect her education because she will not be able to focus as well during school and often times will drop out of school because she is embarrassed about her situation, and school for teenagers now days is honestly not a comfortable place to spend your day when in that sort of pre (MORE)

On the Sims 3 how do you get teenage pregnancy?

You cannot make a teenage sim pregnant. The youngest age a sim can become pregnant is Young Adult. If you don't want to wait a while for the sim to age up, press the buttons Ctrl then Shift then C. A bar where you can type things in will appear at the top of the screen. Type in exactly this: testin (MORE)

How does economy cause teenage pregnancy?

The economy causes many things, if someone does somethinga, it is likely someone else will copy them. For example if someone said they had had sex at 13, then many other people would think this was right, and think that's the right age, when it is not, and by doing this.. it can lead to unprotected (MORE)

What are the hypothesis of teenage pregnancy?

Teenage pregnancy is relate mostly on the society a person livesand how the values of that inner society are installed in thatperson. In areas were is better education there may be more ways toprevent teeanage pregancy. But in rural areas for example there aremore risks to be a teenage mom.

Is teenage pregnancy the teenagers fault?

not always. Sadly,, the teenager could have been raped, and therefore have no control over her getting pregnant. The teenager may be sexually active and not have planned for a baby- which is more common. However, there are many teenagers who plan to become pregnant, and will do whatever it takes t (MORE)

How does teenage pregnancy affect community?

The US spend $8 billion on teen pregnancies. Less well educated women since only 1% has graduated from college by the time they are 30. More single parents since only 4% of the relationships last.

Is promiscuity a factor of teenage pregnancy?

No it's not although many think so. It's about not having the knowledge about birth control or how it works or simply being embarrassed about asking for it at the store or bring it up in bed or too scared to ask the parents. Most US teens have a hard time speaking to their parents about this. Teens (MORE)

How does teenage pregnancy cause crime?

It cannot be argued that teenage pregnancy is a direct cause crime. i.e the moment a teenage girl becomes pregnant, they do not also instantly become a criminal. However, it is true that crime rates are higher among pregnant teens. But it would be wrong to conclude that teenage pregnancy result (MORE)

How does pregnancy affect the education of teenage pregnancy?

60% drop out of high school and less than 2% have a college degree by the time they are 30. Doing homework with a baby that need attention is not possible. You have to have someone watching them. Not getting to sleep is another thing that makes it hard to concentrate in school and at home.

How does teenage pregnancy affect you financailly?

It affects you hard! The mother is probably still on her parents insurance as long as she is pregnant buy the birth and the baby's insurance they have to pay for. Then there's diapers, formula, clothes etc. Daycare cost too.

How can teenage pregnancy can be prevented?

abstaining from sex completely and using condoms . Sex education and accessible birth control. Teach parents on how to talk to their kids. By the time they reach college 9/10 have sex so sticking ones head in the sand thinking "Not my little girl" is not helping..

Why is a teenage pregnancy hard?

Because a teenager is not an adult. A teenager has not had the time, experience of life, or know how acquired to properly care for and raise a kid on her own. She is emotionally, physically, and mentally immature. It is hard because it is not the way it should be. A kid should not have to raise a (MORE)

Why are lack of parental guidance a cause of teenage pregnancy?

The lack of parental guidance is not necessarily the cause of teenage pregnancy, but teens that have an open communication with their parents or an other responsible adult in their lives tend to have more information on how to avoid pregnancy, even if they are sexually active.