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What do these codes mean 847.2 721.3 722.52 they are worker comp codes?

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These codes are diagnostic codes your doctor will use to describe what type of injury or problem you have. For example 847.2 describes a sprain/strain to the thoracic spine(mid-back).
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What is the definition of workers compensation code 8058?

Under NCCI, it's Construction or Project Manager, and it's Contractor - Executive Supervisor or Construction Superintendent. I don't see anything indicating that the states CA

What is code 8809 in workers compensation?

The code "8809" in Worker's Compensation refers to "Executive  Officers." It details how to classify their duties only regarding  outside or clerical sales. Duties outside t

Where do you I find workers-comp procedure codes for billing?

You will need to go to workers compensation division for the state where the employer has coverage. Request the guidelines for filing claim. There should be all the documentat

What is a workers comp buyout?

A workers' compensation buyout is when the company opts to pay an  employee the entire amount of their workers' compensation instead  of making payments. Most companies will

Workers compensation classication code for landscapers?

Landscape Gardening is 0042 in about 40 states that use NCCI as an actuarial reporting firm. That classification code is for landscape installation employees. Class code 9102

What is workers comp?

A program whereby, if you are injured on the job, and in the performance of your job, it pays your medical expenses and grants you a certain amount of recovery time as well as

Can you be fired after returning from workers comp?

Yes, certainly. Nothing about WC law prohibits firing you while absent from work or on your return. WC law prohibits firing you BECAUSE you made a valid WC claim. So, if you w

Calculate workers comp payments?

Depends widely on your state laws, but in most states it's 66 2/3 of your AWW ( average weekly wage). Your AWW is calculated by taking the last 26 weeks of your earnings and t