What do you call downloading a file on the internet?

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You just answered it yourself - the action of retrieving a copy of data from the Internet is called "downloading".
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Why is it illegal to download files from the internet?

You may download files with a Public release license, files you have paid for, your own files and files explicitally allowed to be downloaded. To download any other files wil

How do you download music files from the internet?

\nlimewire is a free way to download music but beware of virus' and the fact that it is probably illegal. Itunes can be downloaded even if you don't have a mac and you can dow

What is Playing MP3 files directly from the Internet without first downloading them called?

The general term for such things is "streaming", meaning that it is played before it is entirely finished downloading. For example, YouTube videos are also streamed to users.

How do you download and save a file from internet?

Easy! just go to a website of what you want to download for example Downloadster.com is where you can download microsoft word 2007 software for free then click download then s

Why is dangerous to download file from the internet?

Whenever you download a file, especially from sites you don't know, there is always a risk that the file will contain a virus or a program that can damage your computer or cor

What happens after download a file from Internet?

I did not get properly your question but try to give some answer if it helps. If you download file from torrent than this is the very slow when you download any file so in

Is it safe to download files from the internet?

It's only safe to download files from the internet if you KNOW thatthe source is trustworthy. If you are uncertain, then the answer isa definite NO. The files MIGHT be safe -