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What do you call your nephew's wife?

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The English language has no special name for a nephew's wife and does not consider you to be related to you. You would simply call her "my nephew's wife."
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What is your nephew's wife?

The English language does not have a specific term for the wife of your nephew. If referring to her other than by name, you would simply call her "my nephew's wife" or, if you

What do you call the great uncle of your great grandmother's nephew's wife?

Your great grandmother's nephew is your first cousin, twice removed. In the English language/culture, his wife is not considered to be related to you and there is no specific

What would I call my nephew's wife - my niece-in-law?

You would call your nephew's wife "my nephew's wife." The English language does not have a relationship called niece-in-law. That is a modern construction invented by those wh

Why does Scrooge not like his nephew's wife?

He feels that marriage is not worth it, having lost his own fiancee  due to his greed for money and he has the opinion that his nephew  should not have a burden of a wife. F