What do you do if your girlfriend's parents hate you but they haven't ever met you and are judging you by what her last boyfriend was like and they won't give you a chance?

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Well what u do is tell ur girlfriend to tell her parents to give her a chance with you and see what u are like and let them get to know to see if you turn out bad or not and anways parents are allways going to be like that no matter what you do but, trust me when they get to know u and see what u are like they will know that ur not as bad as they thought you were. i think that you should go up to your girlfriend home with some flower and other girts. dress really nice. Then use all of your manners. ask if you could get the dishes. do not be fresh at all. that will get them really mad. i am just a little girl . so hey if you want to read this and listen to what i said what the heck or dont it is your choice best luck and wishes=)
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What should you do if your parents hate your boyfriend?

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Answer . This takes time. I have had this experience twice with two different boyfriends. The first time i realized that my mom was right and the guy was not right for me.

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What will you do if your girlfriend's parents hates you?

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My girlfriend said she dosent know if she loves me is this because we haven't met or is it because she thinks I like her friend but I haven't ever seen her friend and I dont quite like her friend?

first of all if you havent met its gonna be really hard to fall in love with someone, possible but really hard. its not nearly the same as getting to know someone in person. y

What do you do your girlfriend's parents HATE you they haven't ever met you they are judging you on what her last boyfriend was like Her parents also won't give you a chance either what do I do?

Be kind and sweet and a gentleman. Chances are, they will eventually realize that you're not the same boy. If they don't figure it out, leave it... it's all you should have to
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How do you get your parents to stop hating your boyfriend?

This is always a difficult situation and it is important to follow a few steps to ensure the best possible start to the relationship between your family and your boyfriend. He