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What do you do if your pool turned dark green and the pool place had you dump 3 gallons of baquacil shock and 1 quart of algacide in it but 3 days later and after lot of vaccuuming it did not clear?

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If pool has a sand filter then you may need to do some heavy backflushing or possible put new sand in it. Also, be sure pump is working correctly! Answer If the pool is green due to algae, the best product to use would be the Baquacil Performance Algaecide. It is the strongest algaecide. The normal maintence algaecide is not designed to kill algae only prevent. Oxidixer should be added after the algae is killed because the algae will override it. If your pool was regularly paintained with chlorine and not Baquacil then the pool store did you a disservice in switching you over to the Baquacil. You should return to the store to get further instructions after stating what you did or did not do prior to adding the Baquacil, what you did after adding the store product including the history of the pool, bather load, run time of the pump or anything that will give the store a direction in which to take. Obviously something is wrong. It could be your filtration system is not adequate for the pool size or bather load. Then of oucrse there is the neglect factor prior to the pool turning on you. re shock your pool with chlorine follow up by using Flock run pool filter on by pass or if you have a filter that does not use sand or earth just a disposable filter remove the filter, for 12 hours then let shut off and let settle for 6 to 8 hours. You will find a cloud in the center of the pool. keep the vacuum above the cloud do not move fast let the cloud be sucked up do not push around. be sure to run this water outside the pool and not through the filter.
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