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What do you do when your tummy hurts?

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Maybe you are hungry or eat too much. Try resting and breathing. Layon your left side to get the bubbles out of your stomach. Take acid indigestion pills like Zanatac or dink a carbonated drink like seven up or Sprite. Drink tea or Ginger Ale
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What do i have if my tummy hurts?

If your tummy hurts you should try to go to the bathroom because it probly is wind. If the tummy ache is there the next day then you should go to a docter and they should be a

When your tummy hurts what can that be?

It could be an infection or maybe that's just your muscles. It all depends on when you had your surgery. I was aching for about 2 or 3 months after I had mine, but my doc gave

What does it mean when your tummy hurts?

It means that your stomach hurts,or it can also mean that you haven't ate something in a long time or something you ate was raw if it's none of those you may have a decease,so

Why tummy often hurt?

Well that is a babyish question! But I know what you mean! It never hurts!
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How do you get your tummy to stop hurting?

laying down or taking a nap is what really helps most people you can also try going to the bathroom or drinking some water if it hurt even more within two days see a docter if