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Maybe you are hungry or eat too much. Try resting and breathing. Layon your left side to get the bubbles out of your stomach. Take acid indigestion pills like Zanatac or dink a carbonated drink like seven up or Sprite. Drink tea or Ginger Ale
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Where can you do tummy tuck?

It depends on you if you want to have it done in your own country  or have it done abroad. If you choose to have it done abroad,  definitely it would be more advisable to ha

Does it hurt baby if you burn your tummy while pregnant?

No. The skin on your stomach being burned does not go deep enough to hurt the baby in the womb, especially with a first-degree burn. Indirectly however, if the burn is bad eno

Why is your tummy fat?

Your tummy gets fat when you consume more calories (energy) than you use. This is because the excess energy is stored as fat cells, often on your belly. For example, I am a 14

Why do camels have thin hair on their tummy?

Camels have thin hair on their bellies to help keep them cool.

What are the risks or complications of a tummy tuck?

Aside from a risk of having a bad reaction to anesthetics, a person undergoing a tummy tuck is also prone to excessive bleeding and could develop a hematoma, or pocket of bloo

Had unprotected sex my tummy feels wired i feel sick after i eat or smell it tired head hurts hungey and i pee like carzy and i feel dizzy and i feel like throwing up could you be pregant?

Well if you look on any other web sites concerning pregnancy symptoms the following are all listed as main symptoms: -implantation bleeding -delay/difference in menstruati

What is the difference between a fat tummy and a pregnant tummy?

In popular parlance, there isn't one- pregnant women get fat tummies, and that's it. But if you were to take it to further detail, a 'fat' tummy is usually caused by obesity-

How do you get a flat tummy?

how should i know?, but there are some good exersizes for a flat stomak, like shin ups and push up, unsually sit ups too, those are good too, but the best thing is, eating hea

How do you stretch after a tummy tuck?

You should wait at least six weeks before any stretching or excercise regime after having hada tummy tuck. When things have settled down you can gradually get back to stretchi

At 4 weeks and 3 days pregnant along with sore breasts and nipples and a bloated tummy and flu like symptoms is it normal to hurt in your abdomin when you cough?

  Answer   Yes this is normal and it sounds like you have pulled one of your abdominal muscles through coughing too much. But because your at such a early stage in y

What sickness do you have if you cough sneeze your tummy hurts you sleep a lot and have a sore throat?

Too many different conditions can cause those symptoms to determine what it might be without an examination by a health care professional. Those can be symptoms of the common