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What does 'cuántos anos tiene usted' mean?

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Who can ask that? just imagine!

How many anuses have you got? X - @

"ano" and "año" have totally different meanings.

IF you ask "¿Cuántos anos tiene usted?" people would laugh or they could even hit you!
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How do you answer cuantos anos tienes el?

Me reiría antes que nada si alguien me hiciese tal pregunta. Y que conste que no lo haría por burlarme de quien me la preguntara, pues sólo le seguiría la broma. Ja, ja, j

What does usted tiene mean in spanish?

Usted tiene is a sentence fragment that means "you have". This is a formal statement. When speaking informally the fragment would be "Tú tienes"

What does cuantos anos tiene mean?

Two answers: 1) If the person is being formal then they are politely asking, "How old are you" 2) The person could be refering to a He/She/It instead and asking "How old i

What is cuantos anos tienes?

¿Cuántos años tienes? --- Spanish for "How old are you?" Cuántos --- how many (in direct or indirect questions) año --- year / años --- years (literally how many y

Ways to answer cuantos anos tienes?

¡Qué cosas tan absurdas y graciosas a la vez preguntan! @ _ @ ¿Quién pudiera tener más de uno? Sé que por ciertos defectos de nacimiento, la gente pudiera tener un segun

Is it cuandos anos tiene or cuandos anos tienes?

"cuando" means "when", don't mix it up with "cuanto" which means "how many"... You're probably looking for "how old are you", which is: "¿Cuántos años tiene?" (formal)