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What does Barack Obama's name mean in Hebrew?

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The Hebrew equivalent of Barack is Baruch (ברוך), which means "blessed". There is no Hebrew equivalent for Obama.

Coincidently, the name Barack sounds the same as the Hebrew name Baraq (ברק), which means ligntning, but the two names are not related.
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What are the names of Barack Obama's daughters?

The President has two children, both daughters. Their names are Malia Ann, born on July 4, 1998, and "Sasha"(Natasha), born on June 10, 2001. From the available information, i

What is the meaning of Barack Obama's name?

Barak - also Baruch means "Blessed" Hussein - means "Handsome One" Obama - is surname based on a given name from the Dholuo language spoken by the Luo people of Kenya. It

What was Barack Obama's mother's name?

Her legal name was Stanley Ann Dunham, but she did not like her first name and insisted on being called by her middle name, Ann.

What is the name of Barack Obama's' son?

This is another internet myth. President Obama has two daughters, and no sons.

Why did Barack Obama's father name him Barack?

The President, Barack Obama, II, was named after his father, Barack Obama, Sr. Barack is a traditional family name and common in the area where his father was born.

What are Barack Obama's grandfathers' names?

Hussein Onyango Obama was his grandfather (whom he did not know) on his dad's side. Stanley Armour Dunham was his grandfather's name on his mother's side, with whom he lived i

Was Barack Obama's name Barry?

His name has always been Barack Hussein Obama. He may have had the nickname of 'Barry' when he was younger but that was never his given name.

What are the names of Barack Obama's brothers?

President Obama does not have any full siblings. However, he does have 8 half siblings.  7 are from his father's first and third marriages in Africa and 1 was born in Indones

What are Barack Obama's grandparents' names?

Grandfather - Fathers side - Hussein Onyango Obama Grandmother - Fathers side - Akumu Grandfather - Mothers side - Stanley Armour Dunham Grandmother - Mothers side - Madely

What is Barack Obama's real name?

He was born Barack Hussein Obama II . (One might expect his name to be Barack Hussein Obama Jr., but 'II" is what is on his birth certificate.) He is named after his biologica

What is Barack Obama's birth name?

he was born as Barack Hussein Obama II he's a Junior After his mother divorced Obama Sr. Stanley Ann Dunham married an Indonesian, Lolo Soetoro, who was attending college in H