What does Norway have to do with Sweden?

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Same as USA have do to with Canada - It`s two countries who is neighbours
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What are the differences and similarities between Sweden and Norway?

Answer . Wow, what a question! Let's sum up some similarities: . Location: the most obvious answer. Both countries are located in Northern Europe and (together with Denmark) part of Scandinavia. . Language: although Swedish and Norwegian are different languages, they are closely related, (MORE)

How did sweden and norway avoid entry ww2?

Sweden was officially Neutral, however Sweden was a supporter ofGermany. Sweden was the primary supplier of high-grade iron-ore& steel ball bearings absolutely necessary for the German wareffort. Sweden bears a lot of responsibility for enabling Naziaggression. . Norway was invaded & occupied by Ge (MORE)

Would Sweden win in a war with Norway?

Answer . Who knows, Sweden has a larger population and probably military, but Norway is a NATO ally, and has oil and money. The Swedes are known to joke about wanting to start a war on Norway and then surrendering, so that we would become one country again :)

What is similar between Sweden and Norway?

The food is also similar, and both countries eat alot of fish. Their languages, Swedish and Norwegian are so alike that they can usually understand each other. Sweden has a currency called "Swedish krona" (SEK) but is sometimes informally referred to as the "Swedish crown" in English. Norway has (MORE)

When do Denmark Sweden and Norway celebrate Christmas on which day?

The 24th of December in the evening. We call it Christmas Eve (Juleaften) - no explanation needed there. The day part of the 24th (Called Christmas Eve's Day - Juleaftensdag) is spend preparing for the celebrations in the evening. The reason we do this however, is because of our history. Chr (MORE)

Why does acid rain effect Sweden and Norway?

Sulphur Dioxide and Nitrogen Oxides are produced in countries like Germany, the UK and Poland, and the prevailing winds blow clouds of acid rain vapour over Sweden, where the sulphur acidifies the soil and stunts growth.

Is Norway in Sweden?

Norway and Sweden are two separate, sovereign countries that happen to be neighbors in the region known as Scandinavia.

What is Sweden Norway and Findland known as?

The nordic countries (pohjoismaat in finnish), that includes also Denmark and Iceland.. Denmark,Sweden and Norway is called Scandinavia, sometimes Finland, Iceland and the Faroe Islands is included.

Distance from Sweden to Norway?

It all depends of where you are in the two countries. They lie right beside each other, so in theory, it could take a few seconds to cross the border.

How are Norway and Sweden different?

Norway and Sweden are two different countries and have two different languages (but similar). They also have different holidays, foods, customs, school systems and so on. The thing that connects them together however is that Norway was in union with Sweden from 1814 to 1905, but they never adapted t (MORE)

What reigon are Denmark Sweden Norway And Finland know as?

Norway, Sweden and Denmark is known as Scandinavia . Some authorities also include Finland and some might even include Iceland.. The Nordic countries make up a region in Northern Europe and far northeastern North America, called the Nordic region, consisting of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway (MORE)

Queen of Sweden who united Denmark Norway and Sweden?

\nQueen Margaret I of Denmark united the Scandinavian countries for over a century. She married, at the age of ten, King Haakon VI of Norway, who was the younger and only surviving son to Magnus VII of Norway, Magnus II of Sweden.

Is Norway better than Sweden?

Norway and Sweden are both great countries - the "better" one largely depends on personal opinion. Their economies are fairly similar, and both have high costs and benefits of living. Norway's citizens tend to lean more on the asocial. asocial side, which suits some people perfectly; Swedes are mo (MORE)

Is English official language in Norway and Sweden?

No. English is very widely spoken both countries. According to Wikipedia, 89% of Swedes speak English. About the same percentage of Norwegians speak English. Nearly 100% of native Swedes and Norwegians under 60 speak English because it is a required subject in school in both countries.

Which mountain chain separates Norway from Sweden?

The Scandinavian Mountains , in Swedish Skanderna , Fjällen ("the Fells") or Kölen ( Fjällen being by far the most frequent name and virtually the only one in modern colloquial speech), in Finnish Köli or Skandit and in Norwegian Kjølen , with the three latter meaning The (MORE)

What is the difference between Sweden and Norway?

Sweden is to the east on the Scandinavian peninsula. They have a varied landscape, with islands, green meadows, forests, and in the northwest there are mountains. Norway is west on the Scandinavian peninsula. They have mostly mountains and fjords along the coast, and some forests and fields inlan (MORE)

Higher salary in Sweden Denmark or Norway?

Yes. In Norway you can make about 2 or 3 times what you would make in the US. I met a girl in Kristiansand that worked as help in a book store and made about $20/hr. However, living costs in Norway are crazy. A small beer is like $8-9 dollars and I remember paying $17 dollars for small fries a burge (MORE)

Norway is to Sweden as Portugal is to?

as Portugal is to Spain... yes,but we like our other neighbours also Finland and denmark - to who we have a great bridge nowadays. --> we don't like that Norway are allmost as rich as oil sheijks.

What are some similarities and differences between Norway and Sweden?

To put it simple we can say that Sweden and Norway is generally alike. A list of important differences is: - Norways economy is based on oil and fishing, Sweden on industry - Sweden has about double the population (and more bidder cities) - Swedes are traditionally looking to Europe, Norway to US an (MORE)

Does Sweden or Norway have the higher average wage?

the Scandinavians (Norwich, Danish, Swedish) earns more than other Europeans but also pays the highest taxes, also prices there are much higher than in rest of continent. The level of issues and expenses is higher averagely.

What relationship is Sweden to Norway?

Sweeden is norways neighbouring country, and shares borders, just like the US and Canada. Norwegians and sweeds speak slightly differently, but are able to understand eachother, just like the US and canada, however; norwegian and sweedish are considered different languages. Politically speaking (MORE)

What is relationship between Sweden and Norway?

It's complicated, but Norway and Sweden are friends and belong side by side like a hand inside a glove. Typicality, a Swede in Norway or the other way around; will not be looked upon like a foreigner. This is because the countries are so equal, and the people in it of course. The same goes for Denma (MORE)

Which country good salary for nursing Sweden or Norway?

Neither, nurses in both country struggle to get a fair wage. You would however earn more in Norway, but everything is more expensive in Norway so that extra wage would be spent on food and rent anyway. If you're stuck between Norway and Sweden, wage should not be the deciding factor.

Who are the largest minority group in Norway Sweden and Finland?

If you mean combined? Then white males. White females are by far the largest group in Fennoscandia. After that you can distrubute distort and do what you like with the data. But If you mean ethnically there is no doublt that it is the Kurds. Assyrians, Yugoslav, Russian and Axeri people that number (MORE)

Did Sweden help Germany invade Norway?

Sweden remained neutral during the the whole of WW II and therefore did not assist any combattant party. Despite this neutrality, Sweden gave some covert aid to the Norwegian resistance movement.

Why does acid rain in the UK cause problems with Norway and Sweden?

Most of the UK's weather comes across the Atlantic. As it passes over the UK, on its way to Europe, some of the waste gasses from UK chemical plants etc get taken up into the atmosphere - where they combine with the water in clouds to form acids. This falls back to earth as 'acid rain'.

Are Sweden and Norway islands?

No, they are not. Norway, Sweden and Finland are part of the large Scandinavian peninsula. The peninsula is attached to northern Russia, west of the Ural Mountains.

What is the name of the area comprised of Denmark Norway Sweden and Iceland?

No name exists exactly for these countries combined. But here are two conventions: Scandinavia: Norway and Sweden. Denmark is usually thrown in albeit incorrectly as Scandinavia is the name of the peninsula where Norway and Sweden lie. Nordic countries: Denmark (with Faeroe Islands and Greenla (MORE)

How did Norway and Sweden split?

They didn't, really. Since the early Middle Ages, Norway had beenpart of Denmark. Around 1820, Denmark ceded Norway to Sweden, butNorway then immediately declared itself independent and Swedennever had the military power to conquer it by force. Until 1905 thetwo countries existed as a 'personal unio (MORE)