What does US stand for in the army?

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The US stands for the United States for all branches of the military.
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What does GI stand for in the US Army?

It stands for Government Issue.

What do the letters in ARMY stand for?

The word ARMY was not intended to be an acronym for anything. Army simply means a group of men that are armed to fight other groups of armed men.

He has kept among us in times of peace Standing Armies without the Consent of your legislatures?

Are you trying to figure out what this means? Because if it is, then it means that the King had paid armies and had them quartered in the people's houses and they were supervi

He has kept among us in times of peace standing armies means what?

The "he" referred to, is said to be responsible formaintaining a full-time army even though the nation was at "peace,".... although "peace" is not defined. The "he" referred

In the US Army why does the junior enlisted stand to the left of the NCO?

The right hand is reserved for an equal or trusted counselor. Thisis tradition as old as civilization. To the left and one stepbehind is a visual respresentation of deference

How do you use standing army in a sentence?

"North Korea has the largest standing army of any nation its size."

What does the s stand for in s-2 us army?

Staff, up to Brigade level (Division and higher use G-)

What does MRI stand for in the US Army?

In the US Army, MRI usually stands for magnetic resonance imaging . That's what it stands for most other places, too. Also, it could be morning room inspection . There are a
In US Army

What does lg stand for after a us army major?

An officer's signature block looks like this: JOHN C. SMITH MAJ, IG Commanding The "IG" is the officer's branch of service, and Major Smith here is in the Inspector General'

What do the US Army ribbons stand for on the dress uniform?

There are many award and decorations represented by various ribbons on an Army uniform. Each award is represented by a specific ribbon. Also, on those ribbons, are other devic

What is standing armies?

A 'standing army' is the basic army that a country keeps up in time of peace. During wartime this would be aided by reserves and possibly conscripts.