What does a Scotsman have under his kilt?

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Traditionally Scotsmen wear nothing under their kilts.
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Do men wear a bow on their penis under their kilts?

No, nothing is worn under a kilt, unless dancing, when swimmingtrunks or jockey shorts are permissible to prevent embarrassment(of the onlooker not the dancer, why should he be embarrassed?) There is a joke about this. Posh lady: Tell me Mr McDonald isanything worn under the kilt? McDonald: No Ma'am (MORE)

Who kilt Gaara?

in shippuden, the ichibi is removed by akotski, which results in his death, but he is brought back to life with the technique of one of the sand village elders with narutos help. the tecnique can only be used by her and she dies using it

What is a kilt?

A kilt is a scottish garment worn by men. It is a knee lengthskirt. It the traditional dress of men in the 16th century and itstill used today for events such as weddings. . +++ Not just Scotland, though there it is also part of the ceremonialparade-uniform of Scots regiments. Greece has its own, n (MORE)

Is a kilt a skirt?

Yes, a kilt is a skirt. Most dictionaries give the definition as a noun (skirt) or as a verb (to kilt, meaning to fit or equip [a person] with a kilt, or to kilt a garment). The word came into English early in the seventeenth century, traceable back to Scandanavian terms meaning 'to kilt': to tu (MORE)

Where did the kilt originate?

Tartan (kilt) did indeed originate in Ireland, which was introduced to the then unnamed country of Scotland by the Scots, who moved from Ireland to re-found their ancient kingdom, Dalriada and gave the Scotland its name. The very first form of tartan is nothing like its modern day counterpart; it be (MORE)

Do Scots wear underwear under their kilts?

Of course. Answer. Some do, some don't. Answer: Underwear is more commonly worn when engaging in dancing or athletic events where centrifugal forces may change the focus of the spectators attention (O wad some Pow'r the giftie gie us To see oursels as others see us!) In the military they a (MORE)

Why don't Scottish men wear panties under the kilts?

Wearing pants is entirely optional. It is traditional that Scottish military regiments wore no underwear beneath the kilt and were routinely inspected by walking over a glass panel under which an officer looked to see that each man complied. Other regiments used a mirror on the end of a stick to obt (MORE)

Which country is associated with highlandbagpies and kilts?

Ireland and Scotland both have bagpipes and kilts but onlyScotland has the Great Highland Bagpipes. . +++ Other traditional forms of the pipes are found in NE England (theNorthumbrian pipes), Brittany (NW France) and Greece. A non-tartanform of the kilt was also traditional in Greece.

Who invented kilts?

Thomas Rawlinson invented the kilts and if you want to buy a kiltor want to get more information than go to this

What is the Flying Scotsman?

The flying Scotsman is a passenger express service between London Kings Cross and Edinbrough. Since it's inception in 1862 (originally terminating in Glasgow) there have been many different types of engine pulling the express; currently an Intercity 225. The most famous engine, and bearing the name (MORE)

Who was the Scotsman who designed the Bell Rock Lighthouse?

The Bell Rock Lighthouse, in the North sea, is the world's oldest offshore lighthouse. Renowned Scottish engineer Robert Louis Stevenson initially proposed the construction of a lighthouse on Bell Rock in 1799, but it was eight years before his plan was acted upon.

What is worn under the kilt?

In all seriousness, traditionally the kilt was worn without undergarments. In modern times its really a matter of personal preference, and there are alot of circumstances in which it is necessary, ie Highland dancing, competitions at highland games and the like Ask a Kilt wearer though and youll g (MORE)

What is the history of a kilt?

The Great Kilt is also known as the "breacan an fheilidh" or "feile mor". The first known reference to this mode of dress was made in 1594 in The Life of Red Hugh O'Donnell in a description of a corps of Hebrideans who had come to The O'Donnell's assistance: "They were recognised among the Irish sol (MORE)

What is the purpose of the kilt?

To show your Scottish clan's tartan and it's a tradition of Scots to wear it almost 24/7 but you have to wear it on your wedding, others weddings, and special events/ holidays

How do you put on a kilt?

Have the kilt held open behind you. The right hand side wraps around and the belt is pushed through the hole in the kilt and adjusted. The left side is then wrapped around towards the right and secured with the buckles. The center stripe of the kilt at the front should be in the center of your body, (MORE)

Why was the kilt invented?

Ironically enough it was invented by English factory owners, who were looking for a cheap way to clothe their Highlander workers.

Which 2 cities did the flying scotsman join?

Victoria, Canada and Sidney, Australia. The Flying Scotsman loco, may well have visited these cities during tours after it's retirement from British Railways. The actual train named the Flying Scotsman, and not necessarily hauled by the similarly named loco ran between London Kings Cross and Edinbu (MORE)

Do only the Irish wear kilts?

No. Scottish people wear kilts also. Mainly at weddings and when the national football (soccer) or rugby teams are playing.

What is the Latin word for scotsman?

The word for Scotland in classical Latin was Caledonia , named for its inhabitants, whom the Romans called Caledones . A singular form of this noun is not recorded. However, the adjective Caledonius , "Caledonian," did exist, and Latin regularly used adjectives as nouns, so the term Caledonius (MORE)

What was the Flying Scotsman used for?

The flying Scotsman is an express passenger train between London Kings Cross and Edinburgh. Since it's inception in 1862 (originally terminating in Glasgow) there have been many different types of engine pulling the express; currently an Intercity 225. The most famous engine, and bearing the name (MORE)

What country invented the kilt?

The "kilt" is, at its simplest, a piece of cloth or even an animal hide wrapped around a person's waist. It could be said to be the earliest of all garments and its origin reaching back to prehistory. if by kilt you mean the complex folded and pleated garment worn by Scottish and Irish clans which i (MORE)

Do all kilts need to be plaid?

no but cute kilts are plaid i hope you fin a cute unplaid one but i guess you will. Traditionally kilts are of a tartan (plaid) pattern, but they need not be.

Are kilts fashionable?

Well, yes, if you are a Scottish or Irish man. If you want towear one, wear one... . +++ Normally now only worn on formal or ceremonial occasions.

Does scotsman still make travel trailers?

No they don't... The company is no longer in business... The company was orignally located in Gardena, CA... You can find a few USED ones for sale... Google Scotsman ,Vintage or Retro travel trailers.. Good luck... I have a "65" scotsman and just love it to death... GREAT for weekend get'a ways... V (MORE)

What would a Scotsman do with a spurdle?

They would use it to stir their porridge, which they would have seasoned with a little salt whilst humming o' flower of Scotland and wearing a kilt. This would be followed by some deep fried haggis and heroin for pudding.

Why does axl rose wear a kilt?

Given that his real name is "William BRUCE Rose" (as in "Robert the BRUCE " Scottish hero andking), it's a tribute to his Scottish heritage.

Where are kilts worn?

Kilts are mainly worn in Scotland. Men of Scottish descent often wear kilts to their wedding.

When did the flying scotsman come back from America?

Flying Scotsman was sold by BR in 1963, to Alan Pegler who restored it to it's 1930's appearance. It went to U.S.A in 1969, and did some charter work. Before leaving England it was "Americanised" a bit by fitting a bell, extra whistle, cowcatcher and buckeye couplings. Things did not go too well, an (MORE)

Who wrote the song under the scotsman's kilt?

If you're talking about the one that ends with the blue ribbon prize, it was written by folk Singer Mike Cross in 1979. It's been performed by many people, often without the proper credit for Mike. PLEASE CHECK OUT HIS ORIGINAL VERSION

Which Scotsman developed the first early tire?

I believe Charles McIntosh experimented with latex to make tyres somewhere in the early 1800's. (Charles Goodyear was next when he added sulphur to latex which made it stronger and more flexible.) and if you mean the pneumatic tyre, then you probably mean John B Dunlop who was seeking a way to give (MORE)

Why did they wear kilts instead of pants?

Many Scots today more commonly wear pants. The kilt was never a universal garment for all Scots, but it was confined in use to the Highlands of Scotland, originally. Before the kilt was developed in the Highlands, the Gaelic peoples often wore a long tunic called a leine with no breeches or leggings (MORE)

What is a kilt maker?

Someone who makes kilts for a living, a kilt is a traditional skirt-like clothing that is worn by Scottish men.

Where can one purchase a Scotsman ice machine?

Scotsman ice machines can generally be purchased at home improvement stores, such as Home Depot or Lowe's. They are usually located in the appliance sections, near the washing machines and refrigerators.

How much does a Scotsman ice maker cost?

A Scotsman ice maker can typically be very expensive in price. Usually, a Scotsman brand ice maker can cost anywhere between one thousand to three thousand dollars.