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What does a Scotsman have under his kilt?

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Traditionally Scotsmen wear nothing under their kilts.
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Are Scottish men naked under their kilts -?

Traditionally, it is said that if you are not naked under your  kilt, you are not a "True Scotsman." This Scottish lore was  established in the Scottish military, when kilts

Who wrote the song under the scotsman's kilt?

If you're talking about the one that ends with the blue ribbon prize, it was written by folk Singer Mike Cross in 1979. It's been performed by many people, often without the p

Do men wear a bow on their penis under their kilts?

No, nothing is worn under a kilt, unless dancing, when swimming trunks or jockey shorts are permissible to prevent embarrassment (of the onlooker not the dancer, why should he

Why don't Scottish men wear panties under the kilts?

  Wearing pants is entirely optional. It is traditional that Scottish military regiments wore no underwear beneath the kilt and were routinely inspected by walking over a

What is a kilt?

A kilt is a scottish garment worn by men. It is a knee length  skirt. It the traditional dress of men in the 16th century and it  still used today for events such as wedding

What is worn under the kilt?

In all seriousness, traditionally the kilt was worn without undergarments. In modern times its really a matter of personal preference, and there are alot of circumstances in w

How do you put on a kilt?

Have the kilt held open behind you. The right hand side wraps around and the belt is pushed through the hole in the kilt and adjusted. The left side is then wrapped around tow