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What does a Scotsman have under his kilt?

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Traditionally Scotsmen wear nothing under their kilts.
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What is worn under a kilt?

Answer . Traditionally.... nothing; but modern times do allow for briefs with your stockings..

Do Scots wear underwear under their kilts?

Of course. Answer. Some do, some don't. Answer: Underwear is more commonly worn when engaging in dancing or athletic events where centrifugal forces may change the foc

Shoud you wear a slip under your kilt?

Traditionally nothing is worn under a kilt.

What is worn under the kilt?

In all seriousness, traditionally the kilt was worn without undergarments. In modern times its really a matter of personal preference, and there are alot of circumstances in w

Who wrote the song under the scotsman's kilt?

If you're talking about the one that ends with the blue ribbon prize, it was written by folk Singer Mike Cross in 1979. It's been performed by many people, often without the p