What does a durian taste like?

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1) It is difficult to describe the taste of a durian since, a) there is little to compare it with and b) not all durians taste the same. I think a sweet butterscotch type of taste is probably near.

2) It smells awkwardly sweet, and tastes like a mix between pineapple and raw onions. (I found it quite unpleasant.)

3.) It taste like Heaven, smell like Hell but you can drink Durian as juice in Mandura beverage and it really taste like Heaven
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What is a durian?

A durian is a tree native to southeast Asia, or the fruit of thistree, notorious for its unpleasant odour.

Is tasting blood like tasting your heart?

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What are adaptations of Durian?

Its fruit enables seeds to be spread from animals , because when animals eat it they poop out the seeds at least a couple of miles away
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Is durian has flower?

Yes! because all fruits are Seed-bearing because Seed bearing is has Monocot or Dicot and has a flowers
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Are durians good?

They are really horrible and I bet you might throw up.
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Who is Bong Durian?

Bong Durian is an athlete from the Philippines
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What is durian?

A durian is a fruit tree that grows in Asia. The fruits can grow 12inches long and are 6 inches in diameter. It has a pleasantfragrance and is favored by some. Others do not p