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What does a nurse's uniform in World War 1 look like?

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Nurses dress varied by country and I've seen varying apparel, so I think there wasn't a strict dress code. I cannot describe it but visit the link below to see an example of a couple of US nurses from WW1.
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What did the trenches look like in World War 1?

Trenches were very helpful for the soldiers in WW1! Trenches were around 7ft deep and built by the soldiers themselves, they could span for hundreds of km's. Some of the main

What did the World War 1 trenches look like?

Answer . They were basicly long muddy & narrow, they can be miles long, and apporx 5ft deep...soilders made them themselves and it could be very hard work, lots of diseases

What where the uniforms like in world war 1?

  The uniforms were normally a Karki or Grey colour. The uniforms were said to be very heavy and uncomfortable for the soldiers to wear. Therefore, they just didn't like t

What did the uniform for the British soldiers look like in the revolutionary war?

They wore red wool uniforms with black leather boots. In the colonies these uniforms didn't work very well. On hot humid days on the east coast they were very hot to wear. The

What did the planes in World War 1 look like?

Planes form WWI were made mostly of wood and fabric airfoils and fuselages. However the Germans did use steel tubing for fuselages and wood for the airfoils (wings). The Germa

What did the uniforms look like during the Civil War?

In general, the Union forces had dark blue uniforms. The Confederate troops wore mostly gray. Both sides had units that wore uniforms that were of other colors.

What did the world war 1 uniform look like?

  WW1 was the last great imperial war, and the cut of its uniforms still reflected a spirit of imperialism. Tunics and pants were close-fitting, and if high boots were not

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  The British Army uniform is a loose fitting garment with a turned down or "rolled" collar, rifle patches on the shoulders, patch pockets on the breast and side pockets l

What did the typical trench look like in world war 1?

Extremely dirty, often filled with knee-deep waste, and scattered corpses. There were rats the size of cats, and most soldiers slept standing up. The trenchs were not a pleas

What was the uniform that british soldiers wore in World War 1?

The battle uniform of the British Soldiers during the First World War are as follows;   * Service Boots; coloured brown  * Puttees; khaki colour (in exception to the Royal

What was the uniform in World War 1?

    Answer   There was no single uniform for WWI, or WWII, for that matter.     It depends on the country and branch of service. in the trenches the infant