What does an open count of murder mean in the State of New Mexico?

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A person charged with an "open count of murder" typically has been charged with an intentional killing of another person, but the State does not yet know what degree of killing the evidence would eventually prove at trial.

New Mexico's homicide laws separate intentional killings into three crimes: First-degree Murder, Second-degree murder, and Voluntary Manslaughter.
First-degree murder is further separated into three types: Willful and deliberate murder (what we'd call "premeditated murder"), Felony murder, and Depraved Mind Murder (a killing by any act dangerous to the lives of others, indicating a depraved mind that is indifferent to human life).

New Mexico Statutes Annotated 1978, Sections 30-2-1 and 30-2-3
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When did New Mexico become a state?

On 6 January 1912 it became the 47 th US State. Part of New Mexico is not actually part of the united states. it is its own little 2 mile land for the native Americans. The land also has its own laws. New Mexico was admitted to the union in 1912

What is the state bird of New Mexico?

Roadrunner (The Chaparral Bird) The official state bird of New Mexico is the chaparral bird, commonly called roadrunner, adopted in 1949. More: I was married briefly to a woman from Australia. All she knew about roadrunners was what she had seen in American cartoons shown in Australia. She fully (MORE)

What is the state flower of New Mexico?

The Yucca Flower is the New Mexican state flower. It look something like an upside down tulip. It was selected by New Mexico schoolchildren and supported by the New Mexico Federation of Women's Clubs, was approved by the eighth regular session of the legislature of New Mexico. House Bill No. 371, na (MORE)

What is the state fish of New Mexico?

New Mexico Cutthroat Trout. . The Rio Grande Cutthroat Trout (Oncorhynchus clarki virginalis) is officially the New Mexico State Fish. It was adopted as the state fish in 1955.

What is the state song of New Mexico?

O, Fair New Mexico . The state song of New Mexico was officially adopted in 1917. It was written by Elizabeth Garrett, the daughter of Pat Garrett, the man who killed Billy the Kid. . Under a sky of azure, Where balmy breezes blow, Kissed by the golden sunshine, Is Nuevo Mejico. Land of the Mon (MORE)

Why did New Mexico become a state?

New Mexico became a state because the Territorial government wanted better representation and therefore by Act of Congress it became the 47th US State.

What states border New Mexico?

New Mexico is one of the States of the Four Corners region andtherefore shares a border with Arizona, Utah and Colorado. It hasits longest US border with Texas and also has a border withOklahoma and International borders with the Mexican States ofChihuahua and Sonora.

What is the state tree of New Mexico?

Nut Pine or Pinyon: Nut pine or pinyon (Pinaceae Pinus edulis) was adopted on March 16, 1949 as the state tree, the same day the roadrunner was adopted as the state bird. Note: The most common spelling of this tree in New Mexico is piñon , not pinyon. Both are valid spellings of the word.

What are the neighboring states of New Mexico?

Arizona to the west, Texas to the east, Colorado to the north,Utah in the northwest corner and Oklahoma in the northeastcorner. . To the south, in addition to Texas, New Mexico also borders theMexican states of Chihuahua and Sonora.

What is the state of New Mexico famous for?

New Mexico is famous for: . Roswell crash . Southwestern cuisine . Hatch chilies . Skiing . Civil War battles like Glorietta Pass . Pueblos . Art - Southwestern jewelry and pottery

How did the state of New Mexico become a state?

in 1870s. newtest3 When the United States claimed New Mexico as a territory in the 1800s, many New Mexicans insisted on it becoming a state. Finally, in 1912, the United States gave in.

What state group is New Mexico in?

New Mexico is part of the "Southwest" or Southwestern United States, including New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, and Colorado. Sometimes included are the states of Texas, Oklahoma, and California. Each of these three states are debatable and may be under the categories of "South" for Texas and Okla (MORE)

New Mexico is in what state group?

The United States Census Bureaudefines four regions - Northeast, Midwest, South and West. NewMexico is in the southwestern U.S. and is in the West Region.

What does open murder mean?

It's law enforcement 'slang' meaning an UN-SOLVED homicide. It alsocan be a legal term for when a prosecutor doesn't specify thedegree of murder but instead leaves it up to a jury/judge todecide.

Is New Mexico a nation-state?

No. It is an independent state (where that word means a subdivision of a nation) that choose to be part of the United States.

Which state was New Mexico first?

It was a Spanish State, and after the Spanish-Mexican War it became a Mexican State. The Mexican-American War made it a US Territory and then a US State. It was the First State admitted to the Union in 1912.

Is New Mexico the largest state?

No. It is the fifth, behind Alaska, Texas, California and Montana. no, new mexico is not the largest state, alaska is, i believe alaska was once either a country or part of russia, but its US territory now

How did New Mexico get its state motto?

New Mexico's state motto is "Crescit eundo". This is Latin for "itgrows as it goes" and came from an epic poem called On the Natureof Things by the Latin poet Lucretius. The Territorial SecretaryWilliam G. Ritch included the motto to an early version of theterritory's seal and it was adopted as part (MORE)

What is the legend for the state of New Mexico?

There is a legend of a mythical creature that is supposedly found all throughout Mexico, New Mexico, Texas, Arizona, and some surrounding areas. The creature is called El Chubacabra (Pronounced El-Choo'-buh-caw'-bruh ). It is the Spanish name for "Goat Sucker", because it sucks the blood of goa (MORE)

Who named the state of New Mexico?

Spanish explorer Francisco de Ibarra (1539?-1575) named these lands as "a new Mexico" (literal translation: un nuevo Mexico ) in 1563.

How long will New Mexico be a state?

For as long as Arizona and Colorado put up with them - those wacky New Mexicans get crazy every now and then. Texas had enough of 'em back in 1888, but we didn't listen. Now look what's happening. Imagine naming a city "Albuquerque".

What are states that bored New Mexico?

To the West, Arizona. To the North, Colorado. To the East, Texas, and Oklahoma. To the South, Texas. Also some say that New Mexico shares a border with Utah, but this is Debatable. (See Four Corners) Also, New Mexico shares a border with the Country of Mexico.

What states are near New Mexico?

The states bordering New Mexico are Maine, Nevaven and Turkey, but you won't be able to get to them without climbing the fence surrounding this state.

Why was New Mexico chosen to be state?

After Spain claimed Mexico they believed the following states (Texas, New Mexico, California, & Las Angelas) were there's. But the United States government fought for those states and won the war and the battle at The Alamo. Those 5 states were claimed by America even though they a part of Mexico Tr (MORE)

What the state are next to New Mexico?

New Mexico is bordered by Coloradoto the north, Texas to the east and south, Oklahoma to the east,and Arizona to the west. New Mexico also shares an internationalborder to the south with Mexico.

Which two states border New Mexico and gulf of Mexico?

New Mexico is bordered by Coloradoto the north, Texas to the east and south, Oklahoma to the east,and Arizona to the west. New Mexico also borders the Mexico statesChihuahua and Sonora to the south. Texas is the only state thatborders New Mexico and the Gulf of Mexico.

What state borders with New Mexico?

New Mexico is bordered by Coloradoto the north, Texas to the east and south, Oklahoma to the east,and Arizona to the west. New Mexico also borders the Mexico statesChihuahua and Sonora to the south.