What does ancient greek architecture tell about their beliefs?

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Architects strived for precision and excellence which were the hallmarks of Greek art in general, and this centred on their respect for the gods and their intervention in human affairs.
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What are Characteristics of ancient Greek architecture?

There are three main types of Greek architecture, Doric, Ionic andCorinthian. Doric style tended to have a plain capital, Ioniccolumns always have bases and have narrower flut

Are ancient greek paintings art or architecture?

There were paintings in ancient greece, but due to decomposition we dont have many findings. Well preserved paintings (in walls) we can find in the palace of Knossos (Minoan c

What is special about ancient Greek architecture?

Virtually all buildings in ancient Greece, including homes, were built in accordance to the golden section (1.618), or rather, mathematical principles that dictate that the me

What was the religious belief of the ancient Greeks?

The usual one - of a range of gods with different roles, headed bythe high god Zeus. The gods of the western world were similar, andthey recognised that they were the same god