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e, or Euler's number, is roughly equal to 2.718. For more information, see the related link.

e is also used to refer to other properties. In the following famous equation, e refers to energy:
enegy= mass x the speed of light squared which for short is e=mc2
E in the equation "E = mc^2" refers to "Energy".
m refers to mass.
c is the speed of light.
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How do you use e equals mc2?

The formula E=mc2 shows that matter and energy are interrelated, matter can be converted into energy and energy can be converted into mass.   E=mc2 Where:   E is Energy

What is e in e equals mc2?

E=mc2 means energy=mass multiplied by the speed of light squared.

What does c equal if E equals mc2?

In the equation E=mc2 'c' is equal to the speed of light (in a vacuum) or 2.997*108. or... 186282.397 miles per second 670616629 miles per hour Or if you're metric 1

Why e equals mc2 is necessary?

e=mc2 is a constant. so you can use it in a variety of equations without having to do all the math up to that point. basically it helps us measure astronomical numbers. -- (se

What is Einstein's E equals mc2?

e=mc^2 pretty much is a relation between mass (m) and energy (e) where c = speed of light. Pretty much, as something goes faster, it gains slightly more mass. It really has no
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How many meters does e equals?

I am going to assume that you are referring to the formula "e = mc^2" in this case e is not a distance, but stands for energy. In the formula m stands for mass and c stands f

Is E equals MC² true?

If you're talking about the mass/energy equivalence that arises out of Einstein's Relativity, it's been verified in thousands of experiments over the past 70 years. No seri