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In French, fait is a conjugated form of the verb faire, which means to do, but it also means fact, which is the applicable context in this phrase. Fait accompli literally translates into fact accomplished.

In English, (and in French) fait accompli means a course of events that has already been completed and cannot be undone, or something that has been decided and is, therefore, a done deal. If, for example, you are the Chairman of an organization and you have the authority to appoint someone to an office, and you have done so, the appointment is not open to discussion, it is a fait accompli.

More recently, fait accompli has been used in a different sense. It is commonly (and incorrectly) used to describe a future task, or a task underway not yet completed, with a very high degree of confidence in the success of the outcome. For example, a prospective home buyer may tell the existing seller of the home that, while he has not yet obtained a mortgage, the financial arrangements are a fait accompli, meaning that the homebuyer is certain there will be no obstacles in securing the financing.
An action that when completed can not be reversed by anyone affected by the action.
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What is fait accompli?

Answer . something that has already happened and is thus unlikely to be reversed. It's a unfair negotiation tactic often used by large companies to dominate smaller ones..

What is the definition of fait accompli?

Plural: faits accomplis. A thing accomplished and presumably irreversible. It is usually used in the context of a change or novelty which has become established before opposit

What does fait accomplis mean?

Something that has already been done or accomplished. You can't reverse it or prevent it because it is already a "done deal".

What does fait de complet mean?

The correct term is 'fait accompli'. It means something which is completed, usually irrevocably. "He didn't wait his parents to sell the car, but it was a fait accompli"

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