What does hold short of runway on take off mean?

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You might get receive an order to "Hold short of runway" before takeoff, but not during takeoff. That just means that the tower wants you to remain on the taxiway because another aircraft is taking off or landing and hasn't yet cleared the runway. Once you're "cleared for takeoff" you can taxi onto the runway and takeoff
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How much runway length does a Cessna 172 aircraft need to take off?

This varies depending on many factors. The aircraft's weight being foremost, a heavily loaded 172 can require as much as 3 times the runway as a nearly empty one. Additionally

What parts of an aeroplane help to control take off from a runway?

Any part of the aeroplane that is used to speed it up, slow it down, or manipulate it's shape in order to change it's velocity, altitude or direction is utilized in some fashi

Why must the aeroplane run on the runway before taking off?

Take a 75-300 ton plane, planes need to take off by running on a runway because to take off the plane needs preasure under it's wing so that the preasure can lift the plane up