What does it mean if your baby is born facing up?

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If a baby is born facing up it is in a posterior position. Their is a greater risk of postpartum hemorrhage for the mother and a lower Apgar score for baby.
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What does it mean when you dream you are having a baby no pain and the baby is born and you don'tknow the sex of the baby?

Many people in my family dreamed similar dreams when I got pregnant. Someone you know is maybe pregnant. I dreamed alot about sex (so do many others) when I was pregnant so, I disagree slightly with the previous post and doubt you are pregnant.. Answer . IT SEEMS LIKE A BIRTH DREAM.. MANY MOM TO (MORE)

Can postpartum depression show up months after the baby is born?

yes, absolutely. If you are feeling down, speak to your doctor, there is no need to feel like this when there are so many methods of treatment these days. Don't suffer alone trying to put a brave face on it, it's hard work being a mum, and with all the hormones affected. It affects many women after (MORE)

Can you pick up a baby guinea pig as soon as it is born?

It's best to leave the baby guinea pigs alone for the first few days with their mom. Sometimes the moms think that you are going to hurt them or take them away. The mom guinea pig will sometimes try to bite you.. Hope this helps. Laura

What does it mean when a guy's face lights up when he sees you?

Well, lemme see what i can think of... [Deep in thought]. .. .. [Still Deep In thought]. AHA got it! :). Nevermind I LOST IT :P. sorry!. Wait found it again.. alrighty then.. lets answer your question. When guys face lights up when he sees you means that he was looking forward to seeing you. (MORE)

Where was baby face nelson born?

baby face nelson was born December 6, 1908 in Chicago Illinois,u.s. and died November 27,1934 at the age of 25 in wilmette,Illinois,u.s.

What does it mean if your Japanese fighting fish flares his face up?

When people write "Japanese fighting fish" I wonder just where they got that name from. The fish is properly called a "Betta splendens" often shortened to Betta. The only common name that fits it is "Siamese fighting fish' because the wild fish comes from what used to be Siam. (Thailand). Flaring of (MORE)

What does it mean to dream about cutting someone's face up?

It means you don't like that person very much. Violent actions (stabbing, slicing, cutting, shooting, bludgeoning) perpetrated against another in a dream usually indicates extreme dislike/hatred toward the individual. Some believe mutilation/killing (and other acts of violence) in dreams can actu (MORE)

What is up with your face?

I was born like this! If you don't like it, don't look at it... 2nd Answerer says: It's my "game face"... 3rd Answerer says: It's my Halloween mask!

What does it mean when a baby is born in amniotic sac?

According to ancient times and based on some info I found by doinga Goggle search, it means the child will be lucky, prophectic like,and have great clairvoyance. It is also called being norm in the"caul". I was interested in this too because my son was born in thesac last year.

What would a mother hamster do if you pick her up after her babies were born?

it depends on what hamster you have, your supposed to leave them for at least a week, but i touched them the day they were born and the mother was fine, all you can do is leave the cage door open once you've placed the baby back and see the mothers reaction, keep a small wooden chewing stick handy t (MORE)

What does face up to the fact mean?

face up to the fact pretty much means realize whats happening. face up means realize to the fact means whats happening realize whats happening

What does it mean if a baby rabbit cannot stand up?

If it was newly born it does not have to stand up yet. If its eyes opened and has fur, and it still cannot stand up, maybe it has a foot or leg virus or internal injury. Ask your vet for more exact answers.

What is the medical term meaning lying face-up?

Someone laying on there back is supine, and on the stomach is prone. Lying face up on his/her back would be the "supine" position. In contrast to that would be the "prone" position wherein you lie face down, or on your stomach.

What does it mean when you dream that your baby has no face?

Unless the dreamer is pregnant in real life, dreams about babies usually relate to some idea, assignment, task or project that is important to the dreamer. For example, one might say, "That antique car is his baby." People, including babies, are identified by their faces. So the dream suggests that (MORE)

What is the meaning for a man that dreams about a baby girl being born?

Without more information about this particular dream, there could be a number of interpretations. The "baby girl" could symbolize an idea, task or project that the dreamer is developing and bringing to life, or "birth." Another possibility could be that the dreamer is developing a feminine aspect of (MORE)

What does it mean when a baby is born in a dream but not real life?

You want a baby. . Many things happen in dreams that do not happen in real life because dreams are made up of symbols that demonstrate the dreamer's feelings. In this dream, the "baby" might be a project or task the dreamer has undertaken. This is similar to the expression, "That [car] is his bab (MORE)

What does it mean when you dream a still born baby boy?

If the dreamer is pregnant, this is probably nothing more than an unpleasant example of the sort of vivid dreams that are common during pregnancy. Nevertheless, it is an important reminder that the dreamer needs to take care of herself in order to protect the unborn child. > Alternatively, the drea (MORE)

Baby powder in a babies face?

Oh no no no! Its sole purpose is to relieve any itch a baby has. Also, it is fragrant scented, and it would burn eyes, and a bit of the skin in brought into contact because the face is more delicate than the bee-hind.

What does it mean to dream you are changing a baby and it pees in your face?

The dream could be nothing more than the expression of a young parent's or grandparent's worry that a (boy) infant will do just that when a diaper is changed. Such events tend to be part of real life when a male baby first arrives. > On a different level, the dream is a metaphor representing the re (MORE)

What is the meaning that you dream small babies having cat faces?

This dream depends on your personal attitude toward cats. The babies probably symbolize things or projects for which you are responsible, while the cat faces reflect whatever emotion you associate with cats. So these responsibilities would be endearing or nasty, according.

What does mean if you dream that you had a new born baby?

There are a lot of possible answers to this question. Most likely, it is a simple reaction coming from hormones expressed during a certain point in your menstrual cycle. You are probably ovulating. A bit more: Unless it's a recurring dream, it means absolutely nothing. Dreams are the mind's way of (MORE)

Do it mean anything bad when you dream a baby and see face clearly?

There is nothing bad about dreaming of a baby, or in seeing anyface clearly in a dream. Dreams are produced by your own sleepingmind and reflect your own thoughts, memories and emotions. Facesand other images seen in dreams seem to be more clear if you awakenduring or immediately after a dream.