What does mark making mean when used in art?

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when you use a pencil, pen or a crayon (anything) and make some sort of small compacted dashes or some sort of shape to show colouring in a better styled way and direction can be used to show the hairs around an animals face for example. The effect is amazing!
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What tools do you use to make art?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nThere is virtually an endless number of forms of art, for art "is in the eye of the beholder." There is no true definition of art, therefore no one

What does medium mean when used in art?

A medium is what ever you are making your piece of art out of. Suchas: paper for a painting, clay for a clay bowl, wall or ceiling fora mural, etc. A medium in art is an objec

What is used to make pop art?

Any materials can be used to make pop art. This includes metal,wood, paint, paper and other materials. This is a fee expressiontype of art.

What did the egyptians use to make art?

Most ancient Egyptian art were stone carvings. For these carvings they used copper chisels and stone hammers. To paint them, they mixed pigments from berries, animal fat, ash

What is mark making in art?

Mark-making is the process of applying pencil to paper. I would broaden this to include applying anything to anything! (scratching marks in plaster, using pen and ink, paint

What did the mayans use to make art?

The Mayans used wood and stone. They used their paint and theirbrushes, as far as the art on the walls of their temples wereplaced, as well as they carved in stone, and made s

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· Artmaking practice refers to all the things that might be important in the production of an artwork including the emerging technologies, the treatment and use of materi

What does texture mean when using in art?

In art, texture means the way something LOOKS like it feels. So if You're looking at a painting that has, say, a porcupine, that porcupine probably looks prickly, right? And i

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