What does medicare tax mean on a payroll check stub?

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Can you file your taxes with your last check stub?

You need to wait until you receive your W-2, because until then the company has not reported your final earnings to the government. You need to compare the final check stub wi

What does FICA mean on a payroll check stub?

Federal Insurance Contributions Act ( FICA ) in other words, it is your Social Security Tax.

Where can you file your taxes with a check stub?

All federal income taxes are filed at the same place: The IRS (OK, perhaps different addresses for different areas).. Some places will give you a LOAN, a very expensive loan.

Who in Amarillo does taxes with last check stubs?

ANYONE THAT IS DOING SO ANYWHERE IS RIPPING YOU OFF. As below, a check stub is NOT allowed to file taxes, unless you wait and file many other forms...so read below that about

What does federal income tax withheld mean on a payroll check stub?

That is the money not in the check you receive but rather taken from the amount you earned and sent to the Fed gov't (IRS) on your behalf, where it is in an account and you cl

How do you determine how much social security and medicare taxes come out of a payroll check?

First your paycheck with your take home pay (net pay after all deductions) that you have in your hand will not have anything withheld from it because it is issued to you after