What does meek mean in the phrase the meek shall inherit the earth?

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  • Those without a lot of personal strength or power.
  • Meekness is mentioned as one of the fruits of the Spirit, one of the characteristics of Christ. and the Greek word used in the phrase means 'gentle'. It refers to those with a spirit that is free of vanity, who are willing and obedient to God's leading, and are humble and patient in affliction. It is seen as a strength, not a weakness
  • This is than a great paradox. For the expression of the meaning of this word, the person must knowingly appear weak even though this person must have great strength, simply to live a life style that supports the words meaning. A person like this is one of great things, the ignorant people will not affect this persons state of mind. This person will have a view point which allows them to be within confrontation with full control over it, believe it or not, letting the so called leader do what they want, but the meek person knows exactly what this person is thinking and too do they know what this person thinks about the meek person. The meek person will know that the so called 'leader' will think he is the leader, the meek person will know what the aggressor thinks towards himself (meek guy). The meek person may allow you to think that you won the argument, but the meek person is a genius in my opinion who has the ability to concentrate on greater things, because clever people can not understand this person, and often this would bring respect and following.
  • Originally the word meek comes from the Greek word Praus which mean gentle strength. Jesus was meek as he was the God of the Universe and was able to do anything, but he was humble about it. He was completely confident in all his power, but he wasn't arrogant about it. The meaning of the word meek has, however, been changed in current English and suggests a person who is "weak" and "indecisive," which is opposite to the meaning of praus. Overall, the general meaning of the phrase is such: Those who have much power and are self-confident with humility, will inherit the earth. My source for the greek word and meaning was www.ntwords.com

A much less Ptolemaic answer would be as follows. Those who are meek shall inherit the earth by being buried in it and/or those who are meek shall inherit the earth by becoming slaves of the Romans who are sent to work on farms.
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