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It means resources that are naturally made, not man-made. If you live in the woods you would use sticks, leaves, whatever you can find to make your house.
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What is a natural resource?

A natural resource is a material that comes from the Earth and in its raw or "natural" state is of value for one reason or another. A natural resource is not man made and is a

What are natural resources?

Natural resources are any naturally-occurring substances or materials that can be used for economic gain. Examples are coal, oil, natural gas, mineral ores, water, arable land

What does it mean to conserve natural resources?

Conserve means to prevent lost of something. Natural resources are raw materials such as coals, oil, fossil fuels, rock and mineral resources,etc. So they want you to prev

What are natural resource?

A natural resource is a source which you can find naturally. Basically anywhere outside. If it's man made it is not considered a natural resource. Natural Resources: Water Cl

What does it mean if coal is a nonrenewable natural resource?

It comes naturally from the earth but does not renew itself very quickly like say water or trees do.   It means that we only have a limited amount on Earth. Once the coal i

Where do you get natural resources?

A resource is something that you use, and natural resources are things from nature like water, gold, coal, oil, metal ores, diamonds. Trees and wood are also natural resources

What is natural resource?

a natural resource is like water or wind they are resources that are found naturally on the earth (not made by man)

Is a natural resource a renewable resource?

it depends on what you are looking at. a mineral (ex. diamonds, salt, etc.) are nonrenewable, it would take thousands of years for them to grow back. but as such other natural
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What is natural resources?

a natural resource something that is natural and that you can find in the environment that is wahta natural resource is.   by Jerry Walters