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Noob is slang for newcomer, which implies someone has no idea what they're are doing. Thus noob does not mean ugly. Its normally slang in games, originating like other terms, such as QQ, from a game. Noob is the shortened term for newbie and is used in online games as a taunt for new players. Noob can also mean someone who is new to hacking and they don't know very much but try to learn. It is also a commonly known word in the military.
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What is the meaning of noob?

Noob is a term gamers use to insult you and let you know you are either completely new to the game or have no idea what you are doing.

How do you pwn noobs?

Just target them for the whole match, make them wish they had never annoyed you ;o)

What does omfg noob mean?

oh my f**king god and noob means "new player" or "New to something" so dont be offended from "noob" Though true, OMFG noob means your being iritible to the person who said "omfg noob..."

What is noob tube?

It is slang for the grenade launcher attachment on the game Call of Duty 4 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. It is commonly called a "noob tube" because you can most of the time simply point and shoot and, even if it doesn't hit them the explosion often kills them.

What is the noob show?

Tehnoobshow is a runescape player who is very famous for his comedy.\n. \nTehnoobshow dances for money pl0x and pwns n00bs in his spare time\n. \n. \n. \nNo i don't think that's what he's talking about. The noob show refers to pure pwnage, which is a show online (www.purepwnage.com) about a game (MORE)

How do you pawn a noob?

THIS IS HOW YOU PWN A NOOB! You RAGE AND SWEAR AT THEM TO MAKE THEM RQ!! IF THAT DOESN'T work then, drink 100 cans of RED BULL and get all hyped up+listening to hardcore music. THis will up your morale, slef esteem,etc. THEN YOU WILL BE ABLE TO PWN A NOOB.ALso type in -rickroll. BTW. IF this doe (MORE)

Who is a real noob?

rache is da biggest noob in the world. mwahhahahahahahhahaha. INDULGENCE 1. X O INDY O X. GRATE FULL NOOOB!$!@$@$%$!$!$!$. mWAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA

What is the word noob mean?

The word noob (which is different to "newb" or "newbie") is a disrespectful term that is commonly used in the ORPG "RuneScape". ^wtf^. There are noob's in every game an thing out there... GTFO NOOB!

What is a uber noob?

someone that is even more of a noob than other noobs anyone who in runescape only does player killing these people are uber nooobs that is not point of the game

Where did noob come from?

it could have ... but it also could have came from the game Mortal Kombat. there is a character named Noob saibot, which is the last names of the guys who made it spelled backwords(Boon and tobais), and when you vs. im as a computer he only did one thing and that was telaport behind you and hit you. (MORE)

Why do people say noob if there the noob?

They say "noob" because it is an insult that cant be reported for, peoople also say it because they feel in some way superior first of all good question 2nd if the person says ur a noob and he is truly they are and ignore them

How can you not be a noob on RuneScape?

you'd have to experience, and be on there for a long time, not die, and collect lots of items, if you dont want to be a "noob" then try to get above level 30

What is a noob in Habbo?

It is not the same thing as what is noob in habbo language, but anyway.. A noob in habbo is someone who doesn't know how to play or someone who insults other people in the game may also be called a noob, the word noob also applies to many other games like: Call of Duty 4, Command And Conquer 3, Cal (MORE)

Are noobs cool?

Yes, I would say they are lol. Some noobs are hilarious and some just ruin everything. So be careful about the noobs you spend time with D: lol

How do you slay a noob?

Go to a PvP world and attack them, but you can only fight people within your combat lvl range.

How do you be a noob on RuneScape?

Be a complete and utter idiot and do emotes for half an hour. . go round asking for free stuff. . ask people what txt spk means.E'G:What does rofl mean? . Ask people how to kill chickens -added on by mnwild7 . get loads of beer and stand in one spot and drink all of it -added by mnwild7 . (MORE)

Are noobs nooby?

I pwn all noobs especially Jake Herman, Noob of all Noobs! King of Noobs! God of Noobalidge! HATE HIM!!!!!!!!!

What does noobe mean?

A "noob" is a person whom is very annoying and ruins a game by spawnkilling, spamming, or trolling (noobs are trolls inside games). A "newb" is a person new to a game; short for newbie. I'm not sure what a noobe is, maybe you or someone else mispelt it.

Is Gautam Shinde a noob?

Recently just after the breaking news of bredan lamb :( he was reported a noob. Now officials have used the info they gathered from that breaking story and found another noob. An Indian lagger and noob. Running on 16 bits a min. He was reportedly found in China. Suspects say he is a noob with black (MORE)

How are you a noob on RuneScape?

"Newb" (or "noob") is short for "newbie", and simply means a new player. When used as an insult, it probably means that, whether you are new or not, you don't know how to play. .

Why do noobs play Call of Duty?

Because they enjoy the game. Bit of a silly question, really. If you're complaining about noobs ruining your gaming experience, remember that once upon a time you were a n00b too, so you shouldn't be too harsh.

What is a noob tuber?

Someone who only uses the grenade launcher attachment on their gun. or just a rocket launcher

What is an atoms noob?

Atoms are the structure of life itself. Noob means you either are new at something, or suck at something, usually both. You probably suck at understanding Atoms.

Why is a noob a noob?

Well the word noob means a low level on a video game or if your talking about reality it means an idiot. A noob is a noob because they either can't play video games or is stupid. Thus calling them a noob

What noob or newbie mean?

This term was created by players in online computer games. It refers to a new user who is not yet proficient in how the game is played.

How do you be a noob at cod?

Throw grenades at cars and at your team mates. You could also try prentending to be a banana-eating chicken over the mic (It's pretty funny when the other people have mics to speak back). Anyway, a n00b in cod is basically when you are like an ameteur at the game

How do you get a noob out of your house?

There are two kinds of noobs; a new person and a ROBLOX noob. In this question the noob means the ROBLOX noob; which means a idiot. Ask people on ROBLOX if I am right. This is how you get a ROBLOX noob out of your house: KILL HIM!! (If you are on ROBLOX :P)

Where do noobs live?

They're everywhere. They're your best friend, your neighbor, maybe even your parents. Just know that the numbers of noobs against pros is too much to fight against. Do the best you can to take advantage of it.

Why is mainthan a noob?

Mainthan is not a noob. The reason you think he is a noob is because your frankistol nubilicus has gone wrong. I suggest you go and see a doctor... I know this because my frankistol nubilicus has been replaced several times because it had gone corrupt in the past. I am not Mainthan. I am God.

Jaredvaldez is an noob?

Everbady we dont need jared on roblox. He copied many times copylocked places. Are you in his fan group? LEAVE IT!! Have you his as friend? Remove him as friend!! Report him many times to he gets banned for his life!! This was it

What is a noob gun?

Mw3: Mp7 Silenced or Acr 6.8 Black Ops: Famas dual Mag Mw2:Acr, Model 1887, Anything with a grenade launcher Rangers Akimbo Famas, UMP, WA2000 and the last sniper (cant remember the name) CoD 5: Mp40 Round Drum CoD 4: Mp5 M16 Grenade Launcher, AK-74u.

How was noob born?

Good question. probably dates to the late twentieth century UnitedStates Armed Forces jargon, though possible precursor terms aremuch earlier. Variant forms of the noun include newby and newbee,while the related term noob (often spelled n00b) is often used in gaming.

Are you a noob or a pro?

The way to tell if a person is a noob or a pro is based on their skill level. A noob is a person who is new to a game or place, while a pro is a person who is skilled in an area.

What is a noob in Minecraft?

A 'noob' is a new player, typically inexperienced. The term is used in many games, long before Minecraft was released, and is short for 'newbie'.

How do you not be a noob on Roblox?

Actually, the word 'noob' means 'newbie'. However, many players,especially long time players, tend to use it inappropriately. Forexample, when they get killed, they will call that killer a noob.Fortunately, there are ways that you can take to avoid being calledthat. One of them is to dress appropria (MORE)

How do become a noob?

A noob can be all sorts of things. On Roblx, a very fun game, anoob is a bloxy, yellow person with a smile. On Minecraft, a noobis a person who fails at everything and can't build.