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Noob is slang for newcomer, which implies someone has no idea what they're are doing. Thus noob does not mean ugly. Its normally slang in games, originating like other terms, such as QQ, from a game. Noob is the shortened term for newbie and is used in online games as a taunt for new players. Noob can also mean someone who is new to hacking and they don't know very much but try to learn. It is also a commonly known word in the military.
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What is the meaning of noob?

Noob is a term gamers use to insult you and let you know you are either completely new to the game or have no idea what you are doing.

What does omfg noob mean?

oh my f**king god and noob means "new player" or "New to something" so dont be offended from "noob" Though true, OMFG noob means your being iritible to the person who said "o

What is the word noob mean?

The word noob (which is different to "newb" or "newbie") is a disrespectful term that is commonly used in the ORPG "RuneScape". ^wtf^. There are noob's in every game an thing

Who are noobs?

Someone who does not know how the world works

How can i be not a noob?

Well for starters dont be a noob. In other words dont be a 5 year old boy or a sissy ;)

What does noobe mean?

A "noob" is a person whom is very annoying and ruins a game by spawnkilling, spamming, or trolling (noobs are trolls inside games). A "newb" is a person new to a game; short f

Why is a noob a noob?

Well the word noob means a low level on a video game or if your talking about reality it means an idiot. A noob is a noob because they either can't play video games or is stup

What noob or newbie mean?

This term was created by players in online computer games. It refers to a new user who is not yet proficient in how the game is played.