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What does rifle scope magnifications refer too?

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How many times larger the image in the scope appears. A 4 power scope makes the image 4 times larger.
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What is the magnification of a Weaver B6 rifle scope?

These Weaver scopes were popular 22LR scopes in the 50's and early 60's. They made 2.5X and 4X powers, then came the B series which introduced the 6X power you asked about. La

How do you sight in a rifle with a scope?

Start at 25 yards. From a stable shooting position (benchrest, prone) fire 3 shots at the target. Determine where the bullets hit- high, low, left, right. The scope will have

Who made the scope for rifles?

Dozens upon dozens of companies have made optics for firearms over the past 200 or so years.

Are zeiss rifle scopes good?

Zeiss Rifle Scopes are definitely good rifle scopes. They have excellent features and innovative design. The Zeiss Rifle Scopes are high-dimensional lens system, lightweight a

How do you scope a rifle?

You are asking this question in the Shotgun category, so I must say that you don't scope a shotgun. Here's the basics on mounting the scope on a rifle. ( Assuming you have a

How do laser rifle scopes work?

the laser beam is shot by the touch of a button and it calculates the time it took to get the laser to the object and the time it took to bounce back to your rifle scope, and

What is the meaning of 4x40 in a rifle scope?

It magnifies 4 times, and the objective (front lens) is 40 mm in diameter. A 3x9-40 would be a 3 to 9 power variable magnification scope, with a 40mm objective lens.

What is minutes when adjusting a rifle scope?

It refers to measuring the angle between hits at a given distance. For practical purposes, 1 inch at 100 yards covers 1 minute of angle. That same angle would be 1/2 inch at 5

What is a good rifle scope tactical?

AimPoint, EOTech, Trijicon ACOG.

When was the first rifle scope invented?

About 1835 by Morgan James of Utica, NY.

What is best sniper rifle scope?

well actually i thought that the SSR 4000 sniper rifle was the best but if u Google or bing what ever winter tatical sniper u will find some great feautures well that is it in

How do you adjust a Nikon rifle scope?

No one can answer your question unless this is known...... Have you shot it with scope on? what is MOA adjustment for the scope? what is the yardage? Let me know & Ill

How good are BSA rifle scopes?

If you ever have the privilege of using a Leupold scope, you will know what a really good scope is. Leopold's are good. But not what they asked! BSA scopes are of GOOD qualit

What are good hunting rifle scopes?

There are a lot of quality scopes in the market. Swarovski rifle scopes is an excellent choice for hunting & shooting experience. It has larger zoom range and greater eye-reli