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What does rifle scope magnifications refer too?

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How many times larger the image in the scope appears. A 4 power scope makes the image 4 times larger.
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How do you scope a rifle?

You are asking this question in the Shotgun category, so I must say that you don't scope a shotgun. Here's the basics on mounting the scope on a rifle. ( Assuming you have a

What is the magnification of a Weaver B6 rifle scope?

These Weaver scopes were popular 22LR scopes in the 50's and early 60's. They made 2.5X and 4X powers, then came the B series which introduced the 6X power you asked about. La

Where are swift rifle scopes made?

Founded in 1926, Swift Optical Instruments was based in Lakewood, CO.

Is ziess a good rifle scope?

Zeiss Scopes are good rifle scopes that are perfectly designed to match every hunting situation. It also assists in long-range shooting and at low light condition

Are zeiss rifle scopes good?

Zeiss Rifle Scopes are definitely good rifle scopes. They have excellent features and innovative design. The Zeiss Rifle Scopes are high-dimensional lens system, lightweight a

What is best sniper rifle scope?

well actually i thought that the SSR 4000 sniper rifle was the best but if u Google or bing what ever winter tatical sniper u will find some great feautures well that is it in

Who makes cabelas rifle scopes?

Long range hunting scopes coming from Nikon adjustable equip AR shooters together with superior concentrating on speed in addition to firing precision.