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What does rotavirus vaccine prevent?

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What do vaccines prevent?

Vaccines prevent only the infectious diseases that they were made to prevent. For example, a vaccine for one type of flu will prevent that type of flu, but you may still get o

What did the vaccine prevent?

Each vaccination is specific for certain diseases. The seasonal flu vaccinations usually cover the three most likely types of seasonal flu that will be expected to be in your

How has the measles vaccine prevented diesease?

Measles vaccine prevents from measles and is administered to children of 18 months with a second dose before age of 4 or 5 years. Vaccine of measles contain alive viruses (c

What does the triple antigen vaccine prevent?

There are different kinds of triple antigen vaccines. A triple antigen vaccine is one made with three different antigens (often three virus strains). The seasonal flu vaccines
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What STDs are vaccine-preventable?

Hepatitis B and HPV. only if you are vaccinated prior to exposure HPV has a vaccination. HPV or human papilloma virus. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ and Hepatitis B There are two sexually t

What is a shot of vaccination to prevent disease?

There are 2 types of vaccines: (1) Live ("attenuated", or bred to be harmless) (2) Killed (dead disease-causing particles) Live vaccines can be more effective, don't usu

Does chickenpox vaccine prevent chickenpox?

A single dose of chickenpox vaccine is 80-85% effective at preventing chickenpox. A second dose of vaccine will increase the effectiveness. Breakthrough chickenpox (a mild cas
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What is rotavirus vaccine used for?

Rotavirus is a disease that causes extreme diarrhea particularly in children and the elderly. The vaccine is given to children aged 2 to 3 years old and effectively reduces th