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"For services rendered" is a more formal way of saying "for work done". Slightly better grammar too.
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What does render mean?

Answer . The algorithms vary (z-buffer, ray-trace, etc.) but generally render means to create a picture composed of discrete pixels. Each pixel has a color associated wi

Services rendered by wholesalers?

The major services offered by wholesalers to the producers of goods and services are given as below: (i) Facilitating large scale production: Wholesalers collect small orders

What does rendered mean?

rendered There are several ways this word is used. . Here is a just a short list.. 1. to render = perform social acts such as causing, giving, paying, surrendering, submi

Services rendered by a commercial bank?

What are the services rendered by commercial bank. The two essential functions of a commercial bank may best by summarized as the borrowing and the lending of money

How did Mother Teresa render service?

At the time of her death, Mother Teresa's Missionaries of Charity had over4,000 sisters, and an associated brotherhood of 300 members, operating 610missions in 123 countries.

What are the different services rendered by banks?

Some of the different services available from major banks to its customers are: . Checking/Current account . Savings accounts . Internet/Mobile Banking . ATM Cards . Chec

How can you best render service to sick and needy?

If you are able to visit someone who is sick and needy, it might be helpful if you just come and sit quietly with them. You would be near them, ready to get them a drink, a ti
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How can you rendering service to others?

'Rendering service' simply means helping, so your question is 'How can you help others? The answer, of course, depends on the situation, what they needm and what you can do.