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What does the manus island tree snail eat?

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tree snails eat leaves and special fungus grown on the leaves and also eat fungus on trees usually for its lifetime
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What does an snail eat?

snails love to snack on lettuce or any other fruit or veggies. the most common ones you would find in your backyard are big fans of nice plump straw berries, especially juicy

Where is the snail in puzzle island book?

Here are all my answers from Puzzle Island. I just found this book recently and haven't looked at it in ten years, but I still remember everything. I would encourage you, thou

Do snails eat cheese?

Yes they eat Swiss cheese and it does not appear to give them any digestion problems.

What do cats eye snail eat?

The Catseye sea snail is a filter feeder that feeds on Microlagae, detritus, and small algae.e.g. Coralline, Neptune's necklace.

What snails eat?

snails love to eat lots of leaves but their favorite is oat meal (which is porridge dry with no milk)

How does snail eat?

they have a tong that is covered in teeth and then when they come across something that they eat they simply just drag their tong along it and eat what comes off

Can apple snails eat lettuce?

yes apple snails are not picky eaters they will eat fruits and vegetable's along with fish food

Who eat snails?

The French. they are also served in French restaurants.

Can you eat snails?

  Yes people do eat them but some are very deadly to the humen brain & stomach ( french people eat many of them )

What eats snails?

Hedgehogs, ducks, robins, foxes, birds french people French people are a little more choosy about the type of snails they eat though!!

How do snails eat?

There's many different kinds of snails, All eat different things. The cone snails eats anything from fish, muscles, even other snails with a harpoon it shoots out. Other s

Who is manu?

Manu is a bird in maori!

Do snails eat other snails babies?

No, because water snails are hervavore   The most land snails are hervavore... Euglandina rosea and Poiretia  cornea eating other snails. And the slug Limax Maximus eats