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What does the manus island tree snail eat?

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tree snails eat leaves and special fungus grown on the leaves and also eat fungus on trees usually for its lifetime
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What does an snail eat?

snails love to snack on lettuce or any other fruit or veggies. the most common ones you would find in your backyard are big fans of nice plump straw berries, especially juicy

What does the snail eat?

i have owned 4 African land snails before and they can eat all sorts of fruits and veges such as lettuces ,bananas,plums, pares .pares are like a treat to snails they like it

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What do snails eat?

There are two very basic kinds of snails. Some snails live on land and the second basic category of snail lives in water. Land Snails like damp spots, especially in the gard

What snails eat?

snails love to eat lots of leaves but their favorite is oat meal (which is porridge dry with no milk)

What does snails eat?

Different types of snails eat different things. Many snails eat algae or plant material. However there are a great number of predatory snails that eat fish, insects, and other

What do snail eat?

The land snail eats fruits, vegetables and they need water every week or so. The main thing they love to eat is "Spinach" a garden vegetable.

How does a snail eat?

The snail's mouth is on the bottom of the head right up by the short tentacles. Inside the mouth is a specialized eating tool, the radula. The radula is a muscular structure c

How does snail eat?

they have a tong that is covered in teeth and then when they come across something that they eat they simply just drag their tong along it and eat what comes off

Who eat snails?

The French. they are also served in French restaurants.

Can you eat snails?

  Yes people do eat them but some are very deadly to the humen brain & stomach ( french people eat many of them )
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How do snails eat?

There's many different kinds of snails, All eat different things. The cone snails eats anything from fish, muscles, even other snails with a harpoon it shoots out. Other s