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The prefix "a" means not or against. No the prefix "a" does not meant against....the prefix for against or opposing to is contra The prefix "a" just means, without, lacking or not. This is different because of such: Amoral would mean to have the exact opposite morals ie thinking doing good things is bad and bad things good. When infact amoral just means, to not think anything is bad.
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What is the meaning of the prefix in?

  Well, use the word "indestructable," for example.   That means "not destructable," therefore, the prefix -in usually means "not".

What is the meaning of prefix?

A prefix is a dialing code.   OR     A prefix can also be a letter or group of letters added to the  beginning of a word to make a new word. A suffix is much th

What does the prefix mean?

A prefix is a syllable (or two) or a word added to a root/base with  that changes the word's meaning. A suffix is at the end.    Example:   Pregame (Pre=before so

What does prefix mean?

It is an addition to the beginning of a word or it is a small  number or letter next to a larger number in math and chemistry. The opposite of a suffix, its something that yo

What does prefix ase mean mean?

The suffix -ase means an enzyme. For example lactase breaks down lactose, a milk sugar.

What does the prefix 'Am' mean?

Am- is not a prefix in its own right. It may form a part of another prefix (such as amphi- in 'amphitheatre' or ambi- in 'ambivalent', both meaning 'both'). It may include