What does the red piping on the marine dress blue uniform stand for?

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The red piping comes from the Revolutionary War. At that time the US did not have money for uniforms. It was customary for Marines to take the uniforms of fallen British Troops (their red coats). This created a problem in that they would be mistaken as British forces. To prevent this from happening they would turn the coats inside out. The coats were lined with a dark blue liner and where all the different seems were the red would show thru. Hence the red piping along the seems of the Dress Blue Coat.
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What does the color blue in the Marine Corps dress uniform represent?

Marine Corps Dress Blue . The following is quoted from the site indicated, Marine Corps Uniform Regulations:\n\nhttp://www.tecom.usmc.mil/mcub/library/MCUR/URCH2.htm\nMrV\

What do the stars on the navy dress blue uniform stand for?

The military insignias worn on Navy uniforms clearly define amemberâ??s pay grade, place in the chain of command, and job orarea of expertise. Officers at the O-7 through O

Do marine corps officers have to buy their own dress blue uniforms?

yes, my husband did. I heard that they started issuing them to enlisted though. I cannot speak for officers, but all enlisted Marines have to purchase their uniforms. It is ta