What dog group are Boston Terriers in?

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The Boston Terrier breed is in the Non-Sporting group of the AKC. Not all terrier breeds that the AKC recognizes are in the Terrier group.
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Are Boston terriers good dogs?

Yes they are WONDERFUL pets. I have one of my own. When they are puppies they are spazmotic but when they turn atleast 2 they learn how to act. They are always ready to play!

Are Boston terriers the smallest dog?

Here are the top ten smallest dog breeds: Affenpinscher Bichon Frise Chihuahua Chinese Crested Japanese Chin Papillon Pomeranian Toy Poodle Toy Fox Terrier

Can a female Boston terrier mate with a large breed dog?

yes. all dogs being of the same genetic family are capable of breeding and producing offspring with any other dog combo. HOWEVER this brings sevre risk as larger dogs may not

Is a Boston terrier dog playful?

The Boston Terrier is not overly active and so usually you can get away with having only a fenced yard for them to play in.

Are Boston terriers good with dogs?

Well Yes they are. I have a female and she is almost 7 months. She gets along with my other dog . But she tends to try to take things from him . Which she uses her female way
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What are the two dogs make Boston terriers?

There are no two dogs that combine to create the Boston Terrier. They have been bred from many generations of Terriers and bulldogs such as the French Bulldog.
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Should you get a Boston Terrier or boxer dog?

Whatever your personality matches with is best. But I wouldrecomend the boxer. I have one and she is inteligent and neverharms any member of the family. They are playful and s
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What does a Boston Terrier dog look like?

Boston Terrier dog has white shade from his neck to front leg and whole body with other shaded color, many of boston terrier are of black and white shade