What episode of that's so raven does raven think Chelsea and Eddie are dating?

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Out of Control
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How old is Eddie from that's so raven?

That's So Raven ran over the course of four seasons. Eddie began as a 14 year old in season 1, and was 18 when the show ended. The show can still be seen on sites such as YouT

How old is Chelsea and Eddie of 'that's so raven'?

Both Chelsea and Eddie started out as 14 years old, and when the show ended were 18 years old. The cast is now working on individual projects. They are all essaying more matur

That's so raven sweeps episode?

type it in on Google and click on the first one at the top it has part 1 2and 3plus there is other episodes mainly on youtube then you can just download them from youtube put
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Was Eddie from that's so raven in prison?

It's probably best to search his 'Wikipedia' page written on him and that has all his info on it. It's not pervert-like. it does mention a few things about him running away...