What fertilizer makes a sunflower grow faster?

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No fertilizer is needed unless you have poor soil
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What fertilizer makes a plant that are the same kind grow faster?

The H-E-B brand Answer I am doing this for my science project and i think that fertilizers that have more acid will work better. Try using Miracle Grow Fertilezer, or Mi

What fertilizers make plants grow faster?

Store bought and natural fertilizers are both believed to assistplant growth. The type of plant depends on what type of fertilizeris best. Miracle gro is a store bought fertil

Which one grows faster a daisy or a sunflower?

Daisies and sunflowers are cousins, as they are all asters (star flowers) of the Asteraceae or Compositae family. If by daisy you mean the Ox-eyed daisy that grows wild by
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Why does a rose grows faster then a sunflower?

Roses do not grow faster than sunflowers. Sunflowers will sprout, grow to their full adult height, bloom, produce seeds, and die all within a single season. Rose bushes take
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Does adding to much fertilizer to a plant make it grow faster?

No. Adding fertilizer does not affect on the speed of the plant growth. Fertilizer's job is to feed the plant, so the plant will have all nutrients it needs to grow. If the
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How does either fertilizer or compost make vegetables grow faster?

Facilitation of air and water pore spaces, improvement in soil structure and texture, and supply of necessary macro- and micro-nutrients are ways in which compost and fertiliz