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What font is used on The Hills when they show the title of the episode?

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Helvetica Light
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What font is used for the Harry Potter titles?

The movies and UK editions of a book use a font which they created. While the exact name is unknown a copy very similar has been made by people and is called 'Harry P', or 'Pa

What font do they use in newspaper titles?

They use Old English Text MT ------------------------------ Newspaper headlines should be a non-serif font, such as Helvetica Bold. The stories should be a serif font, usuall

What font is used for the title of Time Magazine?

Time Magazine has its own font, called Time Magazine font. It  closely resembles that of Times New Roman. Time Magazine is known  for their "Time" written on the front cover

What font size is used for titles in APA?

Ideal word count or the font size for title page is 10-12 words. The title page of APA format also includes the name of the student with his or her institute name. The font st