What gifts start with the letter l?

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-Any book/movie that starts with 'L' -Lottery Tickets -Lollipops, licorice -Lotion -Lingerie -Leather (anything leather gloves, jacket etc.) -Lacoste -Louis Vuitton -Liquor (nice bottle of wine, or spirits) -Locket
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Gifts that start with the letter A?

Gifts that start with the letter A: . Apron . Accordian . Acting DVD . American Flag related gift . Argyle Sweater . Angora Sweater . Apple Computer . Abercrombie Gift Card . Aerobics Workout DVD

Gifts that start with the letter d?

Diamonds are a girl's best friend! Some more modest gifts stating with D are: . daffodils . doll . dumptruck . dress . drum set . doggie, maybe a nice dalmatian, or a dachshund, or a doberman . day at the beach . day in the mountains . day at the spa . day at the races . devil's food cake

Gifts that start with the letter q?

A gift that begins with the letter q depends on whom the present isfor. A quilt, queens scepter, and quiet are a few of the thingsthat could be given.

What gifts start with s?

Gifts that start with the letter s: . sandals . scarf . scotch . shirt . shoes . skateboard . sled . soccer ball . socks . subscription to magazines . sun glasses

What gifts start with the letter b?

Backpack, baking pans, bath oil, badminton set, baseball & bat,basketball, beverage (wine), bicycle, blanket, book, bridgeinstructions and boots are gifts.

What are some gifts that start with J?

Jack Skellington (nightmare before Christmas) . jack-in-the-box . jacket . jacks . Jade (maybe the Bratz doll) . Jam/jelly . Jammies (PJ's) . "Jamz" Cd mix . Jar (to put everything in) . Jello . jelly beans . jerky, beef . Jewels/ Jewelry (vending machine) . Jiff peanut butter . jimmys (sprinkles) . jokes . jolly [anything] . journal . juice . juicy fruit . Jumbo anything (ex. Tampons and pixiesticks etc.) . jump rope

What are some gifts that start with m?

Magazines, Maracas, Marshmallow gun (education station, fun for men and women of all ages), Merlot, Mixer (for food), movie, moccasins, mitts money, marbles, measuring tape/cup etc, mat (for yoga), mirror, microwave, microphone (kid's toys that echo), mike and ikes

What is a gift worth twenty-five dollars that starts with the letter A?

Well you may need to start being creative. Is the gift for a female... Jewelry can be purchased for $25.00 and you can call it "arm candy". Or, choose a gift in a color that begins with the letter A Amethyst Almond Amber Bands that start with the letter and purchase music... Aerosmith alabama You get the idea.

What gift starts with a?

Alarm clock, appliances and apronare gifts. You also could give an animal, Apple iPod, artwork or anautomobile.

Gifts that start with letter m?

merlot money movies makeup magazines martini mug mittens matchbox car mercedes masarati monaro moody blues monkey mouse mr bean mask mickey mouse magic merlin macadamias marshmallow money box mars bar m&m milky way mints

Is there a gift that start with o?

well technically anything can be a gift, can't it? you could try anything; an ostrich? an orthopaedic chair? I used to get oranges in my Christmas stocking. Never used to eat them, but technically they're a gift which starts with O, if a somewhat unwelcome one.

What gifts start with the letter e?

As a gift youcould give an English springer spaniel or Entlebucher Mountain Dog.You also could give exercise equipment, electric train set, eveninggown, electric guitar, Elmo toy, earrings or an engagementring.

Gifts ideas that start with L?

A gift that starts with L: Large format canvas print. You can get a cool photo of your friend or family and have it printed on canvas or poster in large scale. It's a great gift and very easy to get.

Gifts that start with the letter y?

Gifts that start with letter Y are: . Yacht . Yahtzee game . Yellow gold jewelery . Yellow roses . Yellowstone Park vacation . Yoga classes . Yoga mat and outfit . Yogurt cake (frozen) . Yorkie puppy . Yo-Yo's . Yves Saint Laurent shoes and handbag

Gift ideas that start with letter a?

Personalized Notebooks with the letter A on them Apple Products Applebees Giftcard AIDS Armani Exchange Clothes Airline Tickets Aerosmith Tickets Age of War Android Phone

Birthday gifts that start with B?

Bear (Stuffed teddy bear) Bunny (So cute and fluffy!) Bike (Who doesn't like riding them around?) Bed (You know, just in case they don't have one(: Box (Fill it with random things) Bakery (Grab a cake of cupcake from a bakery) Bracelet (For a girl) Book (To read) Boombox (If they like old school things and music) Bouquet (Particularly of flowers...) Beauty (Products or a coupon for a mani-pedi for a girl)

Who first started Christmas gifts?

Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ and so it was God who gave us Jesus as the first Christmas gift. The 3 Wise men from the East brought gifts for Jesus and so they were the first people who gave Christmas gifts.

What are some bridal shower gifts that start with the letter U?

You could get an Umbrella as a gift. There is also underwear (lingerie), underwater camera, UV flashlight, a USB flash light, Uno (the game) and more. You could also buy an album with songs or an artist that begins with "u" like Unforgettable or Usher. you could also buy a book with a title or an author that begins with "u".

Have you started preparing Christmas gifts?

I prepared a series of watches as Christmas gifts for my family andfriends,I think they are the most cost-effectively watch ,and theyare the best gifts, I don't have to spend too much time to thinkabout Christmas gifts, and these watch are offering a discountnow,and I contact with seller,they give me a deep discount. Don'thave to wait until black friday