What gifts start with the letter l?

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-Any book/movie that starts with 'L' -Lottery Tickets -Lollipops, licorice -Lotion -Lingerie -Leather (anything leather gloves, jacket etc.) -Lacoste -Louis Vuitton -Liquor (nice bottle of wine, or spirits) -Locket
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Gifts that start with the letter q?

A gift that begins with the letter q depends on whom the present isfor. A quilt, queens scepter, and quiet are a few of the thingsthat could be given.

What gifts start with the letter b?

Backpack, baking pans, bath oil, badminton set, baseball & bat,basketball, beverage (wine), bicycle, blanket, book, bridgeinstructions and boots are gifts.

Gifts ideas that start with L?

A gift that starts with L: Large format canvas print. You can get a cool photo of your friend or family and have it printed on canvas or poster in large scale. It's a great
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A Christmas gift that starts with the letter A?

You could get an ascot, asprin, alcohol, aluminum, apple, and apple product ipod iphone apple computer, afghan, accrylic nails (gift card to a salon), action figure =)