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What group of medical chemicals kill bacteria?

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The chemicals are called antibiotics
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What chemicals kill bacteria best?

The best chemicals for killing bacteria are bleach and ammonia.  Hydrogen peroxide and acids are also good for killing bacteria.

Can bacteria kill you?

Yes, bacteria can kill you. There are many deadly bacterial diseases, including pneumonia, staphlycoccus (The Staph Infection), and many more.

Who discovered the bacteria killing chemical called Penicillin?

In 1928, bacteriologist Sir Alexander Fleming, a British bacteriologist accidentally discovered penicillin. Though medical use began shortly after that, it was not until 1941

What kills bacteria?

bacteria can be killed from a by a variety of things, bacteriophages can be engineered to kill bacteria, but the main killer is the antibiotics which kill bacteria in massive

What household chemicals kill bacteria?

Why, you seem to be in need of Toilet Duck my friend. Toilet Duck kills 99.9% of bacteria-FACT! If you need to clean your home and care about the environment then Toilet D