What happens if you are late on chapter 13 payments in the state of Georgia?

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What happens if you are late on chapter 13 payments in the state of Georgia?
If you are late on a chapter 13 payment you are at risk of having your case dsmissed. Please try to make payments on time and make payments up if you missed any due to a miscommunication.
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Is your monthly car payment reduced in Chapter 13?

  Answer   Maybe..but then it goes on for longer. Chapter 13 offers individuals a number of advantages over liquidation under chapter 7. Perhaps most significantly, (MORE)

Can you make a partial payment to the chapter 13 trustee?

You should check with your c 13 trustee. In general you can make a partial payment, but if the next payment is also a partial payment, or if you do not make up the difference, (MORE)

How often are Payments made to trustee in Chapter 13?

  Monthly. Although if the money is taken as a garnishment it is the monthly amount / how many times you get paid in a month. Remember there are 4 1/3 weeks in a month, no (MORE)

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Can you stop your chapter 13 payment?

You MAY be able to stop your BK..but if you actually mean, can you just not pay your debts and legal obligations without serious conseqeunces to you - presumably you don't wan (MORE)

How much are the payments on a chapter 13?

  Answer     The petitioner submits the repayment schedule/plan to the court and the court decides whether or not it is acceptable.     The best option fo (MORE)

How do you file a chapter 13 voluntary dismissal in Georgia?

State really isn't an issue.   All BKs are filed in a Federal court...a district of a Federal court.(The United States Federal Bankrutpcy Court...an entire Federal Court sy (MORE)

What happens to payments made to creditors during a Chapter 13 payment plan if you file for dismissal?

  What do you think happens? The creditors have the money. They have to apply it to your debt balance, which will increase dramatically because they get to charge you for (MORE)