What happens if you eat too much protein?

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Proteins are required by our body to build up worn & torn muscles and for other building purposes infact it is almost annoying to know even our hair is a type of protein .intake of high amount of proteins more than u require may be toxic for ur body as it wont be able to synthesize it. you may have more when your doing body workouts to increase the size of muscles.

Consuming excessive amounts of proteins is bad for your liver and kidneys because they need to filter out the byproducts of protein digestion and metabolism, plus it promotes vitamin and mineral deficiencies. It is also linked to gout, osteoporosis, and some forms of cancer.

I suggest getting with a Wellness Coach to determine what your protein factor is . They do a wellness evaluation and based on your height and weight. They give you your BMI RATE and PROTEIN Intake number ,some may make suggestions.

With too much protein consumption, the body breaks down the excess and turns it into sugars and fatty acids. The kidney can handle the extra work unless there is already a kidney problem, then it is better to lower the amount of protein. (It also adds extra body fat, since there is more than the body needs and it can't store protein as is, so it breaks down the extra and stores it as fat.)
you will proteinise and explode into protein particles belonging to the protein goblins
Not much, really happens when eating too much protein, except your urine will temporarily have a whitish cloudy appearance. Some people are more prone to developing things like gouty arthritis from all the uric acid they buildup, yet other people, like Eskimos, seem to show no ill effects at all.
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What happens if you eat too much?

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What happens when you have too much protein?

Any of the following: weight-gain, deficiency in other nutrients,and (in more severe cases) hyperaminoacidemia, hyperammonemia,hyperinsulinemia, nausea, and even early death.

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If more than 30% of your intake of food consists of protein, it would cause an increase in ketones. Your kidneys will try to flush it out of your system and make you dehydrate
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You need to eat one gram / kg of proteins in your food. You need to eat two grams / kg when you want to develop the muscles. You can eat the high protein diet, say milk and or