What happens to Daniel's family from Daniel's Story by Carol Matas?

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Unfortunately, Daniel's family moves to australia to start a building firm. Love the book.
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In what times are we living and is Daniel's prophecy of great importance?

This portion of the answer was addended on July 16, 2016 A.D. : Ascension Sunday, May 8, 2016 A.D. was foretold to be / is / wasthe 1,335th day of verse twelve of chapter twelve in the Book ofDaniel (Daniel 12:12). It is also the same date as all other references to the Day of theLord (Malachi 4:5 (MORE)

What is the Daniel's story?

Daniel's Story is a book written by Carol Matas set during the Holocaust. Daniel and his family are Jews, and are moved from their home in Frankfurt by force to the ghetto in Lodz, a concentration camp in Auchawitz, and more. He meets a lot of people, but most end up dead. In Lodz, he meets a girl n (MORE)

When did Daniel's first Abomination that causes desolation take place and what was it?

The Syrian ruler, Antiochus IV Epiphanes (175-164 BCE) punished Jewish attempts at resistance by attacking Jerusalem, slaughtering the population, plundering the Temple and erecting a statue to Zeus on the Temple altar of burnt offering. This was what the author of Daniel referred to as "the abomi (MORE)

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jimmy beam says it all BOURBON, jack Daniels is not a bourbon it is a whiskey sour and it is made in Tennessee not Kentucky all BOURBON must be a product of Kentucky or else its not BOURBON. Jim beam is smooth for sipping unlike jack Daniels although very similar Jim beam proves to be smoother than (MORE)

What caused Rev Leo Daniel's death?

Rev Leo Daniels passed away in April of nineteen seventy seven froma massive heart attack. He was the pastor at the Greater JerusalemBaptist Church of Houston Texas.

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I don't think you will ever know without asking him personally. There have been several rumours involving Belle Chapman, a childhood friend called Tyler, Lucie Jones and Jessica Owen. Some have been found to have girls making it up or exaggerating, some have been found to be pure fiction. X Fact (MORE)

Is Daniel's Story non-fiction?

No, it is not the author put together a story and used the events that happened in families life during WWII to give a look on what happen in that time frame.

Daniel's Story by Carol Matas How does Daniel communicate with Erika?

Daniel, when he is working in the factory, asks a kapo to give him a cloth to oil down his machine. When Daniel receives the cloth, he rips it apart and writes on it. When all the Jews march to their barracks, Daniel hides the cloth in his belt and waits. When Daniel sees the band, he looks for Erik (MORE)

What is the conflict in Daniel's Story?

The conflict is that Daniel is a Jew, and during Hitler's rein, he was sent to different labor camps while trying to keep him and his family alive. Most of his family dies.

What happenes in the book Far by Carol Matas?

Jade is in Palm Spring during her spring break and she goes to an institute that investigates psychics and she meets different psychics and she meets that claustrophobic guy named Mitchell which is a sender at the institute and there is something very odd going on at Palm Spring to Jade and her fami (MORE)

Can you read Daniel's Story by Carol Matas online?

While there appear to be a number of summaries and critiques, the full text does not appear to be available on line. It is perhaps available through on line book sellers as an electronic book for Kindle, Nook, or the iPad.

How does Daniel's translation of the king's dream relate to Revelation and the antichrist?

Nebuchadnezzar's dream is about the "gospel" [good news] of the coming Kingdom of God about which Jesus preached... of which Revelation prophesys more specifically... and the big picture of which the Bible paints. The metallic man is composed of the world-ruling governments of man that have ruled (MORE)

What was Daniel's vision of the statue?

The "statue" vision or "dream" wasn't Daniel's. It was the dream of King Nebuchadnezzar [Dan.2], which Daniel, through the inspiration of God, interpreted it for the king. "...there is a God in heaven that revealeth secrets, and maketh known to the king Nebuchadnezzar WHAT SHALL BE IN THE LATTER DA (MORE)

What is the summary of the story jesper by Carol Matas?

Jesper was just a boy when the Nazis occupied Denmark. But he has grown up quickly. He has seen friends die. He has seen others betrayed. He has learned to fire a rifle, commit an act of sabotage, kill an enemy soldier. Now known only by his code name, Kris, Jesper has become a dangerous fighter for (MORE)

Who are the four beasts in Daniel's vision?

No one can say. It is purely allegorical. As per normal in religious texts no clear answers are given. It is then left to the shamen of the religion to interpret them. The interpretations seldom agree. The four beasts supposedly came from the ground and were supposedly kings too. This is ac (MORE)

Who was the fourth person in the fiery furnace along with Daniel's friends?

The fourth person in the fiery furnace along with Shedrach, Meshach, and Abednego was an angel sent from God to save Daniel's friends from a fiery death. King Nebuchadnezzer exclaimed that he appeared as "a son of the gods", and when Daniel's three friends came out from the furnace, they had not so (MORE)

Did peter die in Daniel's story?

Yes, Peter died because he was beaten when he got off the train at Buchenwald concentration camp. He went to the hospital with Daniel and before Peter died, he told Daniel to go find Peter's family.. Hope this helped, and God bless :).

What books did carol matas write?

carol matas wrote 13 different books mostly all on world war 2. such as -cloning miranda -the second clone -the dark clone -the freak -turned away -visions -kris's war -lisa -of two minds -jesper -the war within -the garden and greater than angels

What was te prophet Daniel's weakness and mistakes?

Good question. I was at a Bible Study on Daniel last night and it occurred to me that here is a prophet with no obvious weaknesses - so much so that he's difficult to identify with. Noah got drunk, David committed adultery and murder, Elijah suffered from depression, Moses had anger issues, Abraham (MORE)

Which one of Daniel's friends got to meet Jesus?

Assuming that the "three friends" you are referring to are Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, all three met the Lord in the midst of the fiery furnace out of which they were delivered from harm and without any trace of singe or the smell of fire (see Daniel 3:19-26). The one "...like unto the Son of Ma (MORE)

Which angel appeared in Daniel's visions?

Gabriel. Although Michael is mentioned 3 times in Daniel, he didnot appear in the visions.Daniel is met by the angel Gabriel who partially interprets thevisions.

Why does the Bible not mention Daniel's marriage?

For Christians, Daniel is one of four (Isaiah, Ezekiel, andJeremiah) of the Old Testament Prophets who have a strong messageto those living in the end-times. Daniel was taken captive byBabylon and was selected by one to be educated in the King's court.Jewish tradition asserts that the young men were (MORE)

What events took place in Daniel's life?

Ch.1 - Daniel in Nevuchadnezzar's palace; insists on kosher food. Ch.2 - Daniel interprets the king's (Nevuchadnezzar's) dream, of abeast made of gold, silver, brass, iron and clay. It hints to fourkingdoms. Ch.3 - Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-nego, Daniel's young friends,refuse to bow to a statue pu (MORE)