What happens to Daniel's family from Daniel's Story by Carol Matas?

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Unfortunately, Daniel's family moves to australia to start a building firm. Love the book.
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What is the Daniel's story?

Daniel's Story is a book written by Carol Matas set during the Holocaust. Daniel and his family are Jews, and are moved from their home in Frankfurt by force to the ghetto in

Is Daniel's Story non-fiction?

No, it is not the author put together a story and used the events that happened in families life during WWII to give a look on what happen in that time frame.

Daniel's Story by Carol Matas How does Daniel communicate with Erika?

Daniel, when he is working in the factory, asks a kapo to give him a cloth to oil down his machine. When Daniel receives the cloth, he rips it apart and writes on it. When all

What is the conflict in Daniel's Story?

The conflict is that Daniel is a Jew, and during Hitler's rein, he was sent to different labor camps while trying to keep him and his family alive. Most of his family dies.

Can you read Daniel's Story by Carol Matas online?

While there appear to be a number of summaries and critiques, the full text does not appear to be available on line. It is perhaps available through on line book sellers as an

Did peter die in Daniel's story?

Yes, Peter died because he was beaten when he got off the train at Buchenwald concentration camp. He went to the hospital with Daniel and before Peter died, he told Daniel to