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Obviously the parent can not pay child support if the parent dies. You can go to the social security office and apply for survivor benefits for your child. The decease parents work credits will be calculated and you and the child will receive a monthly check from social security and possibly a one time payment of $250.00 as well. These payments will continue until the child is 18 or graduates highschool. If the parent who has died would be eligible for a tax return you can also file for that on behalf of the child on the upcoming tax year. Also, do not forget that your child has a claim to the decease parents estate.

In most jurisdictions in the United States the minor child will be an heir at law of the father's estate if he has an estate. Even if the father had a will and left his estate to someone else the minor child is entitled to a portion by law.
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What happens to the child support payments when the mother of the child dies?

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What happens to child support If the non-custodial parent paying child support dies?

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Prosecuted for contempt of court. Failure to pay court-ordered child support is a big deal; usually a felony. Some of the way the courts can force child support payments are w
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You will be prosecuted for contempt of court. They usually get the money anyway from selling your things, take them directly from your salary etc and you end up in prison. If
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That depends on the law where you live, but in general, when a deceased person's estate owns certain types of assets, called probate assets, then the estate will be subject to