What if you are pregnant and do not have insurance?

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I don't even know why your mother would even say that to you at a time like this. This is the time when you need her the most. she should be proud that you are willing to stand up to your responsibilities. Keep your head up. I haven't been through this personally but I have seen it first hand. Go to you're local Welfare department and see what they offer you. Don't take no for an answer. They have to give you medical insurance if not more else because you are bringing another life into the world. Don't worry, and don't stress over it because stress is no good for you developing child.
I just found out I was pregnant, & I don't have insurance either. All you have to do is go file for medicaid and let other American tax payers foot the bill for you and your baby. I went and filled out the apps. They give you some paper work to take to your doctor for your first couple of visits until you get your medicaid card. Everything is paid for except prescriptions. But when you get your card everything is taken care of. There is help out there. Good Luck!!!  
If you are pregnant and do not have insurance you have the following options to choose from:

a) Use the Public System and let other tax payers foot the bill for your pregnancy

b) Pay for your medical checkups and treatments in cash

c) Consider joining a Health Insurance plan....your definitely going to need it especially after the baby is born. You think you'll have expenses now...wait until the baby gets sick, needs injections etc...  
Try applying for Medicaid and let other peoples taxes pay the bill. They will even give you a temp. card thing so that you can get any medicines you need at that time, as well as go to doctors visits while they process your info into the system. The temp card should last from 30-45 days. And you should get a letter in the mail stating when your actual coverage begins.
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